“Doesn’t count,” Judy says, shooting down this idea.  “Other storyboards, except those of Zakura and these two Techpacs, don’t count because being different universes means the circumstances were unrelated to us.”

    Kinley insists, “But Moley’s armor is so cool!  AND did you forget that Space Traveler Kinley from the Lyger Galaxy actually wears pink armor like Lara Shiloh?  Also, the other Kinley in that same solar system of Lyger, named Sky, has pretty gorgeous hair.  Think I should grow it out so long?  And let’s not forget the irony that ‘Lara-Dressed Space Kinley actually shares Lyger with Angel Rocket and Red Fire who have their version of Lara Shiloh on their team.  So, see?  I am relevant because wherever Lara is, I tend to be…for some reason.”

    “Hmm,” having finished her latest round of cotton, Joker uses the paper cone to poke at her teeth as she thinks about this fact.  “And the mystery intensifies.  Maybe you’re more than just a pretty face after all, old buddy of mine.”

    “Speaking of robot clones,” Jo says teasingly, “are you ever going to introduce your Yuri bots, Jude?”  This is said, pointing to the two Techpacs, Yulin and Yulintra.

    “Eh, they have mouths,” Judy responds, motioning with a wave of the hand to speak.

    “Well, that was rude,” Yulin says, adjusting her glasses.  “I’m Yulin, and this is my sister Yulintra.  We’re both Techpacs from another storyboard that made a whole line of others like us as gifts for the XI System Guards while Zakura was made for the same purpose from her old universe.”

    Kammy gasps, “Zakura is a Techpac?”

    “Yes,” Yulintra says with a smile and a nod, “both she and her husband are Techpacs.  He was built on Planet HQ below while she was originally built in another storyboard as a replica to honor XI Missy but was modified here on Juniper to be a reference to multiple SGs as Missy wanted to both honor her friends with her AND to give Z her individuality.  Now, I notice you were shocked when I called Ben a Techpac, too.  What?  Did you think all Techpacs were female?  How would we marry and such?  I mean, we’re basically human like the Ancyro, so we can marry average humans or Ruyngardians or Siderian or Lyrene, all the same as they could marry each other.  I mean, a can opener can be remade into an average human like the statue was made into the Ruyngardian Greco Romana, but we’re more than silly household appliances.  We have both male and female Techpacs, just like there were male techbots long ago.  Oh!  And Call me Vacation, he he!  That’s my nickname from working down at Vacation Sensation, the greatest craze of Juniper these days!”

    Breathing on her glasses to clean them, Yulin follows this theme by saying, “You can also call me Yuli.  That should help you keep us apart; Yuli and Vacation.”

    “Vacy, like Tracy?” Owan suggests.

    “I like Vacy!” Vacation rejoices.  “I’ve been looking for an easier nickname, he he.”

    “Hey,” Paul says, trying not to look at the person he’s about to call out, “maybe we can go to Vacation Sensation and have some fun so Judy can have time to catch up on sleep while we’re gone.”


    Paul now fears for his life.

    “We can’t go there right now,” Vacy laments, “or to the other spot, Angel Island Resort.”

    “Named after the artificial island of Old Ruyngard?” Ent easily figures out.  “Why can’t we go?”

    “Off season,” both sister answer in monotone.

    “That’s the only reason I’m wearing glasses,” Yuli confesses, seeing how she’s a Techpac, meaning she shouldn’t need corrective eyewear.  “It helps me fit in at the Information Depot, he he!”

    “Are they from the all-glasses colony?” Faye asks, though she’s sure they’re probably not.

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