“No,” Roxy denies, “Lara Shiloh Williams had a son who had a son and daughter, and Buck’s daughter married a Williams to have a son and a daughter.  Most people carelessly see the last name and kids and assume it’s the same, but it’s not.  What complicates things is this particular son, of Lara’s four children, two of which are actually other famous retirees, died, along with his family.  It was really sad, but we see them here all the time.  SO, knowing all this, you know that YURI’S family isn’t the same that comes from Lara, only from Buck.  AND for that matter, Yuri is a half-daughter in that family as the first wife died.  Yuri’s older siblings, Buck Rumble and RacheLeah, both insist she’s a sister all the same as far as they’re concerned, so it’s no problems there.”

    “I’m really confused!” Paul quietly gasps, staring in pain with his hand on his head.

    “Well then, okay,” Judy says, scratching her nose, “Roxy is the aunt.  Lara is the great-aunt.  So, Buck had a kid who had a kid, or three.  Buck the Grandson isn’t a girl, so who cares?  Rachel and Yuri might have been related, but the New Ru genes kicked in, necessitating face models to keep the family resemblance, so when they were born, that’s what they got.  Rachel got the Ivory Nocturne model because that’s what her grandmother got when she moved to Ruyngard, because why not?  Rachel’s nose was modified a bit for individuality, but it’s still the IVM.  Yuri was given the Lara model with her nose being modified as well, along with that addictive smile of hers.  And you want Little Miss Nightmare?  That’s Yuri.  Though it took a little time to find herself as a CFA fighter, she went from being a quiet, mysterious ninja girl in blue who never showed her face, to a brutal and calculating ninja of shadows, to finally taking off the mask and becoming the girl so many look up to, mixing elegance and kindness, captivating beauty and quirky individuality with the deadly sudden moment when she’s ready to make her move and show you every painful reason why you should never let your guard down around her as a warrior.  THAT’S why this default Lara model has become Judy Joker.  With the makeup, I’m so clumsy and comical, no one takes me seriously.  Without my makeup, everyone is so distracted with the fact I’m actually showing my face and that it’s drop-dead gorgeous, that I take the victory before people know what happened.  In either case, I use muh face to win the race!”

    “There’s only so many times you can use a word before it loses meaning,” Doug reminds her.

    “Oh?” she says, raising her eyebrow.  “You mean the word face?  Oh, honey, that word lost its meaning way back in ancient New Ru.  No one…really wears a face anymore…only masks.”

    “Nope,” Gigi says, shaking her head with a smile, “if you’re saying that you are not real because your face is not natural, then you’re wrong, Lady Judy.  Is it natural for a girl to have underarm hair?  It is natural for guys to have hair grow and grow and grow until they look like girls, unless they don’t shave the natural face hair, in which case, they just look like a mess?  There’s plenty of stuff about the body that is ‘natural’ but it’s very much necessary to make changes to your natural, unattended appearance to make yourself presentable.  You shouldn’t overdo it or do something unhealthy, and you shouldn’t change yourself in a way that takes away from your testimony as a messenger of Christ.  That said, if your natural body is actually more of a distraction than a help to your witness for God, then I think you are right in changing things up a bit to be more effective.  Stay within the bounds of biblical principle, physical health and just common-sense balance, and I think you are very much right for taking care of the image you present to others.  In other words, that cute little face you have, Lady Judy, IS your real face, because it’s an extension of the Judy in your heart.”

    “Oh, you’re getting tackled for that!” Judy leaps at Gigi for a fun hug, which Gigi joyfully catches.  After this, Ju Ju goes on.  “Well, the final piece to the puzzle, for now, are the Techpacs.”

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