“I can fix it.  Hold on!” Judy excitedly tells Jocelyn.

    “No, it’s perfect,” Doug hastily assures her.  “Tell me everything!”

    “Well,” Judy responds with a giggle, “as you see, I’ve brought everyone in this chart with me so we can all face this together.  Face it!  Oh, and say hi, girls.”  The captives give their friendly greetings while Kinley informs them Purlie stopped caring so it’s just her representing the twins.  Frankly, Kinley doesn’t see why she should be here either, but she’s the gullible, curious type, so why wouldn’t follow?

    “Hey!” Owan shouts in excitement.  “You’re Roxy Shiloh!  Look, Faye!”

    “Hi…” Faye tries to not threaten Storyboard O’s life.

    “It’s okay, Faye,” Roxy says in a cheery voice, “I know a lot is going on right now.  Don’t worry; once the chaos and the masks of today are all behind us, we can all hang out together.  I hear you have a really awesome guy, so I’ll have to interrogate him to make sure he meets the requirements for such a precious friend as you.”  Rox winks at Faye, hoping this helps her out.

    “Yeah,” Ent concurs with Shiloh, “all these duplicates are just stressing you out.  It’ll all be okay.  I’ll be here with you through it all, Missy.”  Edge perceives that Roxy’s words of comfort refer to more than just a costume party, but he wants Faye to know that he supports her, even if he doesn’t understand right now.  His calling her Missy is, in her mind, the definitive word to signify he’ll really be there for her, and it’s this security that really calms her down.

    “Entoni,” she says in a hushed tone, looking straight through his brown eyes, “I…have something to tell you when we’re allowed to date, he he.  Just know I’ll do my best to let my actions say it before I’m allowed to let my words say it.”

    Knowing exactly what three words she wants to say, Edge reciprocates the thought.  “I feel the same, Faye, ha ha.  Good self-discipline, Miss Nightmare, ha ha.”  This earns him another playful punch.

    “Students, pay attention!” Judy Josey has taken her makeup off and is ready to start her story.  “So, Lara Shiloh of SBX history was the source for one of our face templates on New Ruyngard.  Many famous CFA fighters had the model, like Kimmy Kisser.  Her daughter and descendant, ergo, had that face.  No, wait; Kimmy and her daughter had the Ivory Nocturne face, as did Destiny Allure and all her Pretty Faces, including Eppie and her Fab Fam.  It was Kimmy’s pal Maria Ferguson and her daughter that had the Shiloh model.  I should fix this graph.  There!  So, the aforementioned mutual descendant of Kimmy and Maria is now an official SG and best friend of Greco and I.C.  We love Kimmy K.!  Another fighter with the face was Sarora, and it was this woman that some dude in ancient Earth history saw in a vision.  Oooo!  Dude was really just looking through a time portal.  Anyhoo, he made a statue that became Unitera.  I didn’t include her because she had a different face, ironically, since she was modified before activation.  A second statue was made with the original face the sculptor saw and Unitera brought that creation to life, giving birth to Greco Romana who was later changed into a real human.  Oh!  And there’s me, of course.  Maria Ferguson, Sarora and I are original bearers of the Lara model, while Maria’s lineage and Romana kind of inherited it third party.  There are probably others, but I didn’t want to overload you.”

    Doug coughs.

    Judy coughs louder and goes on.  “Kinley is here.  Okay, now for the final line to discuss.”

    “Hey!  Is that really all you’re going to say about me?!  I’m just here?!”

    “Yes,” Judy coldly states, “you don’t use a face model, and you don’t have anyone who uses yours beside Purlie, and that’s for a different reason.  I just brought you along because you’re my friend and I like your presence.  ISN’T THAT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?!!!  Now, back to my lesson before SOMEONE got full of themselves.  Hmm, that Roxy Shiloh looks quite like Lara, so she obviously uses a face model.  Well, she’s her niece, so of course she looks like her!  Naturally, Rox inherited these features from her dad Buck Shiloh.  Roxy has an older brother, Blue, and a lesser-known younger sibling that was born during the New Ru retirement.  This daughter, I imagine, married, as it would seem, Lara’s son.”

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