And as Gonago finishes her little quip regarding Masky, the group gets distracted when a bunch of Ruyngardian CFA guys walk by, Jack Daro asking the group if they know who his wife Greco Romana is and if they’ve seen her.  “I was told she was around here somewhere, but since I found the guys, I’m going to just hang out with them until she shows up.”  The group tries to tell Jack that she’s at JD Media station, specifically in the Christian Music Arena, but the men are in such a hurry to find something to do, Jack doesn’t hear the advice in the mayhem.  Oh well, he’ll find her eventually.

    The guys make for a good stopping point for the class with Doug being able to pry his teens from the bizarre antics of the comedic Gonago Down.  This means that Abbie Sky is the only one still with our assembly.  That’s right; there’s not another soul present to disturb our small collection of friends now.  It’s all peace and quiet.

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