And then there’s this kid.  After an hour or two of crowds, the class finally gets a break before this desperate young lady tries her best to catch them.  “Okay, so, I’ve been looking for you guys.  Sorry I’m late.”

    “Who is this?” Faye asks, trying to set her up.

    Before the girl can answer, however, Abbie Sky overhears and responds without thinking, “This is Gonago.”

    “Gonago?” Paul rehearses.

    Keb capitalizes.  “She’s Gonago Down.”

    “NOoooo!  You ruined it!” Gonago laments.

    Abbie returns to the chat.  “She wants to be a CFA champion, but with a name like Gonago Down, she’s got a long road ahead.”

    “No, no, no!” Gonago tries to clarify.  “You’re saying it wrong, and you know it!”  This has a foot stomp with it.

    Keb smiles, “Okay, Gonnie, what’s your name?”

    The girl gleefully answers, “The name’s Gonago, cuz you’re Gonago Down!”

    While Paul politely claps, Kammy admits, “It does have potential, but I remember you saying it better last time I was here.”

    “Keb’s fault,” Gonnie says, “She threw off my rhythm.  She’s almost as bad as my twin Masky.”

    “Masky?  That’s a unique name,” says Owan.

    “If you’ve got a problem with it,” Gonago states, “take it up with my parents.  I had no say in the matter, seeing how I was being born at the time.”

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