And since that day a scared, confused MK Medley was left to start a team of superheroes with only the help of a few friends, this taskforce has grown so much larger and so much stronger than Medley could have ever hoped for.  Despite that dark hour when she fell, she now sees all the lives she helped touch by founding the SGs as the inhabitants of the Drawing Board pour in to see the kids that visited them back in their eras.  Some of these had the privilege of leaving Juniper from this time period, long enough to catch the kids in the past, while others waited whole lifetimes to see the kids again, and this without even remembering the encounters for the sake of preserving history.  Now, all the memories of those trips are restored and a great class reunion occurs.  And believe me, there’s many more people than what you see in the picture.  Also, Sue and the giants aren’t dead.  They just happened to accompany the crowd.  That’s because these six teenage celebrities are being swarmed by a great sea of System Guards of all ages, as well as the living inhabitants of Juniper.  What a moment this is!

            Among some of the notable folks not shown above are a few living people.  This includes sisters Duly and Tuly from SBXV, now working in the military section of Juniper, Yegolf and Blumie that were mentioned a lot last book, as well as Hyperdrive’s friend Jotrana.  Another unshown friend of Elena and Charis’s from last time is the wonderful Agatha whose kindness and sweet voice are of the quality that I at least had to mention her once in the series.

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