Speaking of grandmothers, or at least mothers, this is Medley, the founding member of the System Guards and best friend to Fiona Sakuro who went crazy to become the malevolent Queen Medley of SBX.

    “Aw!” Faye says, seeing this dear one approaching.  “Come on over!  You need me to hug you.”

    As it was pointed out a few books ago, encountering Medley was the first time in Asteroid Boy’s early career that he actually handled a major character situation properly.  The bitter Medley tried to recruit AB to her side, but he refused and detained her.  This bold stand resulted in her being faced with her stupidity as her old friends would come to see her in prison and still love her, despite her betrayal.  It took many years, but she eventually got out and lived a peaceful life, occasionally helping the team when she could before finally retiring on New Ruyngard.  She did pass away, making her stay on Juniper permanent, but as she was the first official SG and she has shown a lot of growth, she was allowed to be revived, giving her a second chance at things.  Of course, all her closest friends either live on Juniper or down below on Planet HQ, so she really has no reason to go anywhere.  Yup, despite her bump in the road, Medley’s still the treasured founder and would-be mama of the System Guards.

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