“Seriously, Owan?!” Gigi yells at him.  “That was sickeningly quick!”

    As Grace rages out, Kammy compares her with Joy.  “You know, Grace, with you having Joy’s face model, that would make her your kinder and friendlier doppelganger, I guess.”  We’re just going to move on from that assessment before one of these girls gets put in the Drawing Board.

    “Say,” Ivory speaks up first in an attempt to ease the tension, “Michael, where’s Cherry?”

    “Cherry?” the teens ask, thinking of Sherry Scarpocalypse.

    Ivory continues, “You know, Michael’s wife.  She’s Judy Joker’s kid.”

    “Oh, why is she always involved?” Mercy laments.

    “I completely forgot about her,” Doug says.  “Thanks for reminding me, Mercy.”

    “Oh!” Gigi interrupts before another tangent arises, “Speaking of marriage and kids, how many of you famous superstars are actually grandparents now?”  Boy, does this spark a conversation, starting with several hands pointing at poor Cici.

    “Well!” the culprit cries out.  “I never realized how quickly I’d be betrayed by the people I love!  Yes, I have two YOUNG grandkids.  This just means my twin is also the grandparent age.”

    “Watch what you do with that logic,” Missy warns.

    AB decides to just list off all the notable grandparents, explaining first, “Just keep in mind that the date in Milky Way is currently the year 2040, with most of our senior citizens having already been parents before we decided to break away from the real-time format.  So, with a six-year-old jumping ahead twenty years, you can see how that results in instant grandparents.”

    “Totally,” Cici mutters unamused, “instant grandpappy popcorn.”

    AB goes for that list again, “All three Scott siblings are grandparents, as are the Ryddens.  Tommy and Susie Bear are.  Jovo’s not yet.  I’m not brave enough to say that Ivory is a grandma, but I’ll say Pac is a grandpa and let you figure out the rest.  Tea and Mizer are, Jaqui Scar Tate is, Eric and Woushka Johnst are, Ally is and Roxy Shiloh is.”  Ant keeps doing genealogies and math equations in his head before concluding he’s named everyone.  You know, it’s funny how these people have no shame in saying they’re a century old, but you let someone who’s forty have their first grandchild and it’s time for the nursing home or something.

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