Faye, however, sees this whole thing as an opportunity to teach Mr. Rug.  “Sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but with what Cici just said, and with some other things we’ve learned today, is it possible that we misunderstood the whole Keb thing among the storyboards, as well as the supposed clues feeding these scary conspiracies of yours?”

    “Well, I guess…” Rug says hesitantly.

    Before he can think much more about it, however, Doug sees some more heavy-hitters approaching.  With Pac and Ivory are Cici’s husband and wonderful daughter Jessie Joy.

    “So much for the uniform cracks,” Missy jeers at Cici.

    In response, Cici scolds her crazy kid.  “Child, what are you doing, looking so lazy?  You are a shame, a disgrace and I disown you.”

    At this, Jess breaks into uncontrollable crying, sending streams of tears everywhere as she wails at this judgment placed upon her pitiful soul.

    “Wow,” says Sanz, not buying it at all, “it’s amazing how some people use their Infinite powers.”

    “Not at all?” Jess asks, instantly returning to normal.  “Was that too cartoonish?”

    Breaking into a more realistic fit of tears, Cici mopes, “This is how it’s done, you amateur.  *Intense sobbing* Besides, you’re too happy a person for us to ever believe you’d be sad over that.”

    “I wouldn’t cry if you disowned me?” Jess replies.  “Well, I guess you’re right on that since I know I could just cook my way back into the family, he he.  BUT since I am so lazy, maybe that’s why I can never get a guy.  And here I thought it was because I’m so unwantable.  Seriously, I cry myself to sleep often because I realize how unfitting of a girl I’d ever be for a good guy.  What guy, in their right mind, would want someone as compassionate and kind and forgiving and gracious as me?  Oh, and let’s not forget humble, you know, he he!”

    Catching the tone of her jokes, Owan gladly cheers her up.  “Hey, you know, I happen to be available, and you’re not too much older than me now.  If you can wait about a week or two, enough time will pass in my galaxy to make us just the right age for each other.”

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