Swapping back to her usual form, Keb says, “It’s fun to know what I originally looked like, but the face you guys have always been used to seeing means too much to me.  It’s who I am just as much as my original look, so I’m not going to get rid of it.  I’ll just have less guilt confusing your little minds by swapping back and forth.”

    “Or,” Elzie points to her own head, “you can look at the obvious and realize I’ve been wearing the original face all day.  That way, from the hair to the face, we have a complete difference.  You can be Keb, and I can be Elzie.”

    Kammy’s only concerned with one thing in this arrangement.  “Which one keeps the husband?”

    Both halves facepalm and answer interchangeably, “Fun has only ever had one wife, me, the one and only Keb.  It’s just that I enjoy the double tech so much, I decided to ‘paint’ my look-alike the same way I would paint my nails or dye my hair.  It’s a stylistic choice, that’s all.”

    “Oh,” Kammy’s moral compass is sufficed, though I’m sure you’re still confused.  Kam’s comfort, however, finds a new problem as Elzie brings up another crazy point.

    “It’s only awkward by assuming we were still one person when Keb married Fun.  Remember, this whole deal started when AB decided to destroy the Ultimate Power…SIX YEARS before Keb married Fun, and at least four or five years before she even considered the guy.  That’s a long time for us two girls to conclude we were separate people and split ways.”

    Joining in the craziness, Keb says, “The only reason we couldn’t be like, ‘Hey, y’all!  Check this out!’ was because Inner Man Theatre was in its infant stages, and Keb is a key character, so it wouldn’t be good for business to take her out of the spotlight.  MAYBE Elzie got to live that new life as the Keb that married Fun while the real XI Keb has been chillin’ in retirement, enjoying the exciting life of a single gal, ready any day to be the new System Director.  You know, maybe I’ve been the successor the whole time, mwahahaha!”

    As the two Kebs watch the teens spin in confusion, they enjoy a victorious, devious, high five after which Elzie disappears.

    “Where’d she go?” Paul asks.

    “Eh,” Keb says with a shrug, “you guys couldn’t handle my humor, so I put her back…or did I?”

    Gigi echoes this contemplation, “The real Keb could have left the scene, and we’ll never know.  Inner Man Theatre Keb could have just been Elzie filling in for her all this time.”

    As the adults all enjoy the teens’ reaction, Doug decides to jump in.  “Well, I do remember learning long ago that Keb was AB’s first choice as a successor, so maybe that’s why all the alternate storyboards typically have a duplicate of her.”

    “AB sure loves his little sister,” Jo says with a smile.

    “No,” Abigail boldly disagrees, “Keb’s just that much of a glory hog.  Maybe she and Elzie are just one girl talking to herself to freak out the critics and excite the theory lovers.”

    “Hey!”  Keb looks to her older sis for assistance, but while Cici tries to defend the girl, she laughs too much to be helpful now.

    Finally, catching a breath, Cici reminds everyone, “Let’s be fair to my adorable little weirdo.  While she does have a lot of twins out there, we all have just as many that we’ve brought into our ranks.  Also, Fun did arrange a Keb-themed costume party for his wife for reasons I’ll never understand, so any Kebber Klones you may have encountered today are probably just folks dressing up for today’s occasion.  Fun, why in the world did you make it a costume party to dress like forty million Katherine Elisabeths?”

    “I didn’t,” Fun argues.  “I announced a costume party.  You guys are the ones that took it to a whole new level.  That’s not my fault, yo.”

    The others agree to this embarrassing mistake, each accounting for their part in spreading this humorous new stipulation.

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