“Oooooo!” The teens cheer on.

    “Kebbles,” Cici switches back to the prior subject for the sake of Missy’s face, “tell your stupid story, ha ha!”

    “Stupid?  How insensitive!”  Keb turns to the mystery girl.  “Did they hurt your feelings, hon?”

    “Negative,” says this purple thing, “you have not yet programmed my feelings, Master.”

    “Okay, if you keep doing that, I’m stuffin’ you back inside, Ellie.”  As she watches her guest roll her eyes, Keb gives up and explains the situation.  “So, you know how Infinites casually make doubles of themselves to go around in their stead and transmit any gained info into the mind of the user?  Okay, and you know how I decided to have a particular double that I always use, named Ellie Z.?  I did tell you this, right?  We’ll call her Elzie, since you learned about Bubbles Indigo.  Well, okay, so this is Elzie.  She’s a double of me.  I mean, she’s still me, just a projection, you know.  She’s just being a dork because she thinks she’s the boss.”

    “Well, in my defense, how do they know I’m Elzie and not you?  Huh?  Did you ever think of that, genius?”  Elzie definitely has Keb’s attitude.

    Ignoring this voice, Kebber continues, “Next, do you remember learning about how Max, Mel and Eulogy were given a second chance at life by resetting them back to their infant days and sent back in time to combine with AB, Missy and me at those ages, with this process not taking effect until the appropriate time in history to avoid timeline issues?  Okay, as long as you’re still following me, that’s a thing.  If not, I’ll pray for you.  Okay, so let’s see the logic.  I had an extra passenger dropped into my brain as a child, and now, I have a specific double that I like to regularly use whom I happen to call by the nicknames all referring to that stuffed girl in my head.  Please tell me you are smart enough to figure out what I did.”

    Faye gets it.  “Now that Eulogy has served her time as your other half, you are wanting to return her freedom but incognito as one of your doubles so people won’t instantly think of her by her past reputation, right?”

    “Exactly!” both Kebs declare.

    Redhead goes on.  “The only problem is, while she normally uses my redhead form, just with minor differences, she decided to be a jerk and confuse everybody by dressing like my Fifi shadow from when I was split up into two halves as a baby.  So yeah, this isn’t Fifi.  It’s just Elzie being annoying.”

    “Well,” Elzie contends, “Not only is my name Fiona Kaios, like yours, I never did find my Fifi in my storyboard before we blew it up, so maybe I’m in denial.  Or maybe I am that Fifi and I swapped with Keb.”

    “We all know your previous history.  You were never split up, dork.”  This argument between Keb and herself is typical, believe me.  She doesn’t need to split up to be seen doing this at any given time.

    “SO,” redhead goes back into explanations, “two things I want to point out.  First, you may have noticed all my counterparts in the other universes all have a similar face pattern.  That is because their moms didn’t alter their appearance like mine did.  This means I really look like this.”

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