Yvie continues.  “I was the perfect candidate.  Yet with everything I wanted placed in my hands, God quenched my wicked desire with two simple questions.  ‘Of all your enemies, who is the most dangerous?  AB.  Of all your enemies, who is the ONLY one who will definitely show you mercy and compassion, even now as you are breaking his heart?  AB.’  And so, it was I, Yvie, the bitter one, that convinced the others to let him live, all thanks to the love God taught us through the example of some goofy child.”

    Cici butts in.  “OOooo!  I was MAD.  Here I was, literally blew up a city of babies, women and children, for these two self-righteous hypocrites that were going to turn me in to people who were already going to kill me over simply not being strong enough?  Yeah, I was going to blow them all up right then and there.  But that’s when the problem child arrived.  Keb knew this was all about her, so that little girl walked up to the big sister that hated her, and she told me she wanted to die so that I could have my revenge and stop hurting people.  Whoa, boy!  That demolished my anger all at once.  I knew what a piece of filth I’d become in a matter of seconds, and so I gave myself up.  We three monsters were tamed by love.  However, that’s when she came.  That’s when I learned who Ina really was.  The truth about her…you know what?  I’m not leaving out my sister.”

    Being pulled into the conversation, SG Ina is informed of what’s going on and asked to tell her part of that day from long ago.  “If you insist.  As Cici told you, I was sent to be AB’s new sister.  However, this was supposed to be in addition to C-ster, not in her stead.  She was fed false information which led to the unfortunate events of that day.  While she was AB’s natural twin, I was a regular teenage girl whose family served the System Guards of that time period.  However, unlike Fiona, her superiors were corrupt, paranoid fools who had no ethics.  They took me, infused me with Ant’s DNA and did the same cybernetic conversion they had performed on Cici as an infant to me as a young girl.  They even tampered with my emotions to ensure I did not rebel as they felt Cici might, given her nature as a loving but overreactive teenage girl.  To this day, I still struggle with being open because of that.  I’ve opened up some, thanks to my newer powers, but I want to be me for me, not because of powers one way or the other.  But I came to talk about Cici and the others.”

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