Having given this explanation on the way in, Doug waves his hand to give a proper game-show-assistant-like presentation to the city of Juniper.  As the kids look around at this massive place, Doug checks his notes for the things to see.  The first thing he notices is, “Elfie and Golmer” scratched off with a frown face.  Now, while this highly annoys Mr. Rug at first, he actually has to agree with his wife here as the two names listed are a couple of characters that are kind of out of the way and not that familiar, even to a lot of the SGs.

    “Hmm,” says Kammy, “I wonder where Abigail is.  You think we should call her?  I know where her house is.”

    Knowing that Crystal is referring to his sister-in-law who lives here, Doug voices his surprise at his student’s knowledge.  “I know we’ve mentioned Abbie living here, but how do you know her number?”

    “Oh, that,” Kammy says, all proud of herself, “Granny brought me here some time last year, so I guess you could say I’ll be your surprise host for the day, if you don’t mind me trying, sir.”

    “Oh, really now?” Doug is very surprised and kind of impressed.

    “Don’t get excited, captain,” Jo advises.  “I brought her and the family along for a day, but we really didn’t explore that much.  If we see a place we’ve been to, I’ll let you point it out, okay, dear?”

    “Fine,” Kam says begrudgingly.  “I guess it is a good idea so I don’t lift myself up and let my mouth get me in trouble.  He he, just got excited there.”

    “Hey, you!” Uh-oh, it sounds like Kammy’s offer to call won’t be needed.  “Yes, you, my lazy and coldhearted brother-in-law!  How dare you show your face here after what you did to me!”  Abigail Sky marches up to Doug, a comical scene in her bare feet, and gets in his face.  “I’m mad at you, bub.”

    “Oh yeah, punk?” he challenges her.  “What are you going to do about it, Lady Air Head?”

    “That’s Lady Sky to you, Dog Rug,” she replies, giving a playful punch to the arm.

    “THANK YOU!!” Mercy yells, almost screaming really.  “As long as I’ve known Doug, I’ve always wanted to hear someone call him that!”

    “Mercy, you’ve come with my family to visit me several times.  What are you talking about, you forgetful child?”  As Abbie says this, she hugs her adorable bro as she sees her niece and nephew laughing at what was very obviously a fake rage.  It worked well enough to fool Paul though.  Having made her presence super known, Abbie admits she does have an issue with the class being there today.  “How could you guys really have a class in my hometown and not even call me to let me know you were coming?”

    Hearing this, Doug sighs and says, “You aren’t the only one missing out on vital information today.  We have to talk about that odd sister of yours.  I’m really worried about her the more I hear of people saying she’s told them the trip was cancelled or even went to great lengths to prevent us from visiting certain people.  It’s quite disturbing, and it’s getting annoying.”

    “So, you’re the sister that Lady Duplica says she never gets to see?” Owan asks.

    “WHAT?!  That little punk!  I know she’s got memory problems.  That girl visits muh house so much, eatin’ up all muh food, she practically lives there, abusing her Infinite powers of being in multiple places to never leave.  AND I do visit her family, so I’m not a hermit, and I’m not dead.  As long as she’s okay, I’m glad she’s busy today in a place that apparently interferes with her Infinite abilities so that I can’t kick her shin with my bare foot as I ran out of the house as soon as I found out y’all were coming.”

    Humbling correcting her earlier quest for power, Kamron suggests, “Lady Abbie, would you mind being our hostess for the trip then?  Please!”  This great idea catches on quickly with the others, so Abbie easily agrees.  However, she’s about to share the spotlight with a few other residents of Juniper.

    “Hey, kiddo!  Why hog the show?”  AB’s famous twin Cici has showed up and is ready to join the fun, having brought along their sister Yvie, as well as AB’s other daughter Mary Melissa.  In case Yvie’s motherly status and white hair are throwing you off, she still has the youth of a thirty-year-old, just like every other ancient hero in this timeline universe.

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