Smiling as he tries to answer in a professional fashion, Doug replies, “Yeah, I was.  I’m going to have to take another day off for her.  I think she’s worth that much…and a little more.”

    Curious at this evaluation, Mercy asks, “How much more?”

    Doug says, “Worth the universe to me.”

    Both Mercy and Jocelyn smile.

    So, the class says goodbye to everyone for now as they exit the building, preparing to officially see Juniper in its fullest for the first time ever.

    Nope, sorry, we’re not going to Juniper just yet as a jolly, joyous group of justifiably interrupting System Guards hijack the trip for their own judgment on history.

    “HEY!!  WAIT!!”  Judy Josey Joker, Face Paint Beauty of the CFA herself, has arrived just in time to teach her lesson about Asteroid Boy and other System Guards.  “Sorry, guys!  I’m so sorry that you almost missed me, but nobody told me you were going to be here.”

    Checking both sets of notes, Doug says, “That’s because you were never on either schedule, Judy.  I don’t think you were in the pla—” Mr. Rug is elbowed by Jocelyn.

    “Of course, we’ll take time for you, my little dear,” Jo says, kneeling down a bit so she’s eye to eye with her buddy.  “I always love taking time for you, Judy Jo!”

    Scoffing at this, the short one feigns disappointment as she says, “Oh, whatever!  You only like hanging out with me because I remind you of your real friend, J3.”

    “Nah, Jo,” Josey Meyers says as she ruffles her pal’s hair, “you’re both my friends.  Stop being mean about it.”

    Giggling, Joker says, “He he!  I know.”  But, before she can kid around anymore, Judy lays her eyes on Faye Worley and stops smiling altogether.  This is the moment Judy hurried here for.  Pointing right at the girl, Josey declares in a commanding tone, “THAT is what I came to tell you about.”

    Faye freezes in a panic as all eyes fall on her, something she’s becoming way too familiar with today.  She can’t run this time.  She’s promised everyone that she’d be honest, but she can’t figure out what she’s done to offend everyone now.  So, she waits to see what she’s got to apologize for this time.

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