As the group enters the main control room, they notice two things.  First, they see James Scott and the others looking at them, all very visibly proud of the students for their hard work over the last few years.  The other thing the class notices is their image on the monitor, indicating these nerds were watching them come in, so they knew when to turn around like the corny dorks they are.

    “I’m sure it’s been forever since the Christmas party on Juniper, from your perspectives, hasn’t it?” James asks with this event only being a week passed for him and the SGs here.

    “Yes, sir!” Ent says with great admiration.  “It’s an honor to be back here with you all, our ancestors.”

    Ent loses the battle to staring around the room in awe while Owan makes his way to James to see if his hero still remembers the cool handshake they made up last year using their elbows.  Not only does James remember it, seeing how it was only a week, but Owan is pleased to get a social approval of this idea when Faye voices her positive feedback on this neat trick.

    James says, “I’d be less surprised if you were the one to forget that handshake over the course of a year compared to our week.”

    “Okay, Kammy,” voices Amy, “our turn!”  Mrs. Scar approaches the girl, planning to comically make things up on the spot when her younger friend breaks out Baby Z.

    “Hey,” K.C. Cannon suggests, “You’re an Infinite and part Ancyro.  Think you can make a quick cannon to use for the ‘hand’ shake?”  Much to everyone’s AMusement, AMy Scott and kAMmy now have their own official handshake using arm cannons.  Yep, they’re definitely related.

    “Sir,” Doug interrupts, not able to take it anymore, “I need to bring to your attention a looming problem that may soon endanger the System.  My wife’s been acting odd, which could be a threat by itself, heh, but seriously, I have reason to believe that something strange is going on.  She’s been telling everyone false information about our trip and even sent us right to a thing called the Viewfinder.”

    Jo clarifies, “Her note was sarcastic, remember?  That wasn’t her fault.”

    “Yes, true, but that thing exists, nonetheless.  This is a threat to be considered.  Also, the Dolphin Galaxy repelled an attack of female robots.  The other thing that bothers me is how much of our trip seems to involve Keb to some degree or another.”

    “It is her birthday,” Emily reminds him.

    “Yeah, I guess.  Even so, am I the only one who sees something fishy here?”

    “You did just mention dolphins,” Amy reminds Doug.

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