Chuckling at this assessment, Doug replies without thinking.  “No, you can thank my kids for that.  It’s funny actually.  Your mom was supposed to take the Scott torch, even though she had a different last name, but then that torch was passed to my wife.  My wife then had it pass to her kids because your mom’s friend, I.C., got her own series for a while.  So, really, both series side-by-side cancelled each other out in regards to being AB’s official successor.  I think I.C. still has some screen time on occasion, and Cat still leads the kids’ story, usually, but Duplica and Mendez with your mom all have each other to thank for the switch, though I doubt any of them seriously regret it in the long run.  Well, Cat complains a lot, but she complains about a lot, so I don’t take it seriously, ha ha!”

    And the list grows!  All XI people, we see some very significant faces joining the field trip as Jaqueline Scar, Muse, Charity, Tommy and Jo Bear and Jo’s husband Mike Sutle see our students walking by.  All of these express their surprise to see the lesson still on, since they were all told it was cancelled today.  While this meeting does give a chance for the kids to further differentiate their pals here from the other-universe versions they met last year, the information Doug gets out of these chit chats is that Cat has been telling everyone the trip is either cancelled or has completely neglected to inform her guests that she’s coming.  She’s changed the schedule and seems to want to avoid many key places, most of which have to do with Keb.  This highly bothers Doug.

    He holds his tongue on this issue, however, as he knows the people he’d want to ask are probably on the other side of this door.  Sure, Patriarch, Tommy or Adam Baylor might be able to help, but Doug thinks this a dilemma to bring to the attention of the leader of the System Guards.  And if he can’t wait until he reaches the Juniper half of the team, he can throw the problem at the leader of the Planet HQ half.  Are you curious now?  There are two leaders of the Milky Galaxy branch of System Guards, by which you could say there are two leaders of the System Guards in general, both under the System Director, of course.  So, if AB is obviously one of the leaders, who do you think the other one is?  I’m sure it’s obvious to the diligent mind.  If you don’t know, here’s a hint at Lightspeed…

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