“You’re also your mother’s daughter in that regard,” Tea Mizer taunts, with everyone, including Ariana, agreeing.

    Having spent plenty of time in here, Zakura tells the others that she will meet them at the party later today and guides the teenagers back into the main building, saying, “It is a pleasure working with the main Scar kids.  I’ve met the Scarpocalypse bunch, and it’s sweet to see them recovering and growing so well, especially given their harsh conditions.  So many lessons can be gained from their endurance of the nightmare which stole their family and friends away.  And yet, while the main lot may have never encountered Arion Jekel in person, except for the Nightmare Buffet which was a controlled battle anyway, I assure you they’ve had plenty of opportunity to develop the lessons and determinations that you heard coming from their mouths.  One set of siblings can teach us the principles of healing and moving on.  The other group can teach us to be what God made us to be and not live in the shadow of others.  We shouldn’t abuse this principle to ignore Bible teaching in the name of individuality, but as long as our lives are in accordance with His Word, we can enjoy serving God in the capacity He gave us as unique creations.”

    As the class is walking through the halls, Angel sees something in one of the stores that reminds her of an item she meant to pick up earlier.  This, to her, is a sign that it’s time to leave before she forgets something else, especially if she and Simon are to complete their assigned task in time for Keb’s “both-day” party.  Relaying the sad news to her friends, she and her family give their hugs and say their goodbyes before heading off to the nearby store, still in sight from within its glass exterior so the sad teens can still see her.  She even waves and winks a time or two.

    Now, we are within the halls of the area people think of when they hear about the System Guards’ HQ.  So exciting!  Steadily approaching the computer room, we pass the following folks, all of whom tag along for the trek to said location: Lady Vahnna of the original Ruyngard and her husband Patriarch, brothers Adam and Michael Baylor of the Four Corners, the amazing I.C. Mendez and her husband Scott Prince, and finally, I.C.’s daughter Tonya and her husband Scott Cameron “The Golden Scott.”

    Having happily joined with their dear Vahnna, the teen girls feel at home, and even more so with I.C. along for the walk.  While the Baylor Brothers talk fighting with Owan and Ent, Patriarch talks Bible with Paul while Scott and Scott keep Doug company.  Tonya is quietly enjoying her fellow ladies joking.

    “So,” Doug can’t help asking Cam about his bright and shining armor, “why all the gold, man?”

    Combing his hair back with his hand, he says, “Ah, I figured I’d try my mom’s old gig.  You remember that, before she was Honeybee, she was the Queen Bee, or at least Queen Bee II in honor of the first by that title.  Anyway, I figure that since she and her brother were supposed to be the new generation of Scott, following in the footsteps of James and Amy, I’d hearken to that legacy.  I supposed it does seem a little presumptuous, especially with your wife being the one to take our spot in that regard.”

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