That stab brings the conversation back to the contrast with the Scarpocalypse.  Doug asks, “First, before I forget, tell us who your wife is, Ryan, then tell us about you guys compared to the space colony with your look-a-likes.”

    “Fair enough,” Ryan says with a humble smile.  “My beautiful wife and best friend, though only barely more than my best pal, Ari, is Keb’s daughter Mary Katherine.  Yes, someone was finally named Mary in the family.  Anyway, just like her mom, MK just had to have a nickname, and since her initials wouldn’t comprise an original title, she used her last name of Sanchez to be called Sanz.  Still not the most unique name, but we all love it, and it was AB that gave it to her anyway, as it’s his thing to randomly go around nicknaming things.  I’m Ryan’s Car, or just Car.  Ami is Coffee, Ariana is Ari, but AB also calls her Mimey in reference to someone from the Baylor’s country of Raz.  Melody is Melomax, Sherry is Gingerbread, because of her obvious obsession, and Rowan is Son.  Of course, there’s Christmas Tree thanks to Rowan’s armor, and R2 to differentiate from James’ son Rowan Scott.  Oh, and Blue is the lucky one in being born with a name AB feels is basically like a nickname, so she avoided that one.”

    “He calls me Blue Bug,” The Scar girl says with the best annoyed façade she can manage before snickering.

    The teens start going over their nicknames, attributing their obsession to AB, even though it’s more from the codename system loosely used by the SGs in general.  They all voice their curiosity to whether or not he’ll randomly give them his own nicknames, as if they’ve never met the dude or spent an entire trip with him and his sister to the universe of Storyboard XL *cough, cough*.

    Grace asks Sherry and Ariana some questions regarding their uniforms.  “Ariana, you have a crazy twin brother, like me.  I like that.  Your counterparts did everything they could to forget Arion Jekel while your styles seem geared toward him, even though Sherry’s is indirect with focusing on MC Gingerbread of Thanatos’ army.  By the way, no one ever brings up the Scarecrow freak that Xames Scott’s dad faced in SBX, but I guess that doesn’t matter.  Why do you two go beyond getting over it and seem to actually enjoy the Jekel side?  Doesn’t that feed his inspiration thing, which is dangerous?  And what’s your opinion on the color red, Sherry?”

    “I think it is a well-read subject, my dear,” is the quick response from Sher.  “You have to remember who our dad is.  While Jekel had these things going for him, it’s our dad that we love and appreciate.  That and, come on, gingerbread men and gingerbread house are so cute!  Why wouldn’t I want to be a cutesy little gingerbread girl?  I mean, I don’t want to literally be one, but you know what I mean.  Oh, and having the boss as your dad-in-law isn’t THAT scary, heh heh.  Ro Ro was worth the risk.”

    Thoroughly delighted, Faye exclaims, “Sounds like AB isn’t the only one giving you nicknames, Rowan!”

    After a moment of group amusement at Sherry’s mentioning of being AB’s daughter-in-law, Ariana gives her part.  “‘Ey, you know what my name is?  It’s literally the female form of the most feared name in imaginary history.  Don’t you think my mom knew that when she named me?  Of course, because that’s my dad’s name, too.  I’m not related to that mime freak, so why would I care what he thinks, especially since he’s dead?  I’m my father’s daughter.  That’s good enough for me.  BUT even more so, as I am Ariana, and I do possess all the powers of both my parents, even though I’m an Infinite, my heritage and my style are mine, not someone else’s.  The mime thing was a cool gig before that robo-freak stole it.  My aim-ee is to reclaim-ee the wonder and fun of being a clown and being a mime.  Sometimes, evil people take something and make it so bad, you can’t enjoy it anymore for sake of testimony.  Other times, a joy is taken and abused, but has yet to be defiled to the point of not being able to be partaken in by the good guys.  What I mean is I’m not going to let Jekel dictate what I like just because he misused the theme.  Oh, and I definitely do not have the personality to be a silent mime, he he.  Sowwy.”

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