Look who showed up while Kammy was rambling.  It’s that gang Lance was talking about.  Technically, only Rowan, Sherry, Melody and Ariana show up at first, but the other three soon catch up.  If you recognize the names, you might be confused if not for the girl on the right, as comparing her with her other namesake should be a clue to your memory of what’s going on here.  Instead of the slightly more disturbing Blue Scar from last chapter, we once again have the delight of seeing that other Blue from the Tadpole Galaxy, because this is her home.  She said this then, too, but I thought you’d appreciate the reminder.

    Gigi gets it.  “So, this is the MAIN group of AB and Missy’s kids with A.J. and Amy’s kids.  Neato!”

    Noticing someone missing, Tea asks, “Ryan, where’s your wife?  Doesn’t she know it’s her mother’s birthday?  Well, it’s her mother’s adopted birthday because she has acceptance issues, he he.”

    “Not commenting on that,” says a smart son-in-law.  “You know it’s silly to ask where she is, given the only logical option is on Juniper with the birthday girl.”

    “The both-day girl, how’s that?” Melody giggles.

    “Ha, I get it,” Paul says, “Because Keb wants to have both days in April and June as a birthday.”

    Faye caught on to this implication.  “So, in XI, Ryan and Melody married other people.  Oh well, as long as everyone’s happy.”

    “Ha ha!  It’s not like I was ever interested in this version,” Melody points out.  “Don’t get me wrong.  Ryan is very handsome and a super responsible guy, but my Timmy Bear is the may-un!  He had my heart years before I ever let him know about it, ha ha!”

    “Well, he wasn’t the only one to have your heart, sis,” Rowan chimes in.

    “Seriously?  It wasn’t like I was in a spot to choose anyone, since nobody asked me out until near the end of my school years.” Mel makes a playful face at her brother.

    Ami Scar nonchalantly jumps in.  “That’s because every boy was afraid of asking the daughter of the boss out, unlike me and my sisters, who had a dad literally famous for his patience and compassion.”

    In the midst of all this, Melody notices the boys chuckling, and she knows why.  “Guys, really, Tommy Bear?  Jovo Bear?  Brother and sister with last name Bear.  Timothy is Tom’s son, so it’s not like I just called my husband a lovey name in the general public.  I mean, if you want me to get mushy, I surely can, but I wouldn’t want to scare you little boys.”

     “Wow,” says Mercy, “someone’s much more brutal than their apocalyptic counterpart.”

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