“I was told by the other Rues to let you know that they’ll be waiting to see you when you arrive on Juniper later today.  I’m not sure if I’ll be around at that time, so I wanted to meet you for myself now.  Hopefully, we’ll all catch each other with the Rues when you get there.”  Learning of who she is, the group swarms her, giving hugs and saying how glad they are to meet this version.  This means much more than they realize because, even though this Rue didn’t have quite as traumatic a childhood as the others, she has had a life that regularly saw the misfortune of her being forgotten and left in the background while others stood in the spotlight, often getting the credit for her actions.  Receiving this kind of love and attention from people who just met her is a true joy.

    “And then there’s my wonderful son-in-law!” Tea says, pointing to the boy in green.

    “I like your colors, man!” Ent responds.

    “You’re welcome, as far as I understand your history, heh heh,” replies this apparent ancient.

    Telling the other who this guy is, Tea says, “You are talking to Lance Majors, the son of AB’s sister Cici.  He’s married to my amazing Tiffany, who’s around somewhere doing something.  Lance, do you know where she is?  And where’s that adorable sister of yours, anyway?”

    “I’m just a humble servant,” he teases, “I have no idea where the women are.  I do believe, however, that Jess is on Juniper with Mom and the others.  Don’t worry, though; some of the other group is on the way to meet our pals while everyone else is waiting up above, since they know the class is heading that way.”  These others that Lance is referring to is cut off, however, by another group that gets here before they can.

    Luke Travis Stone and Isaac Winters Armstrong, CFA legends, walk up with Dave Randal, son of the Danny Randal we just met on New Ruyngard in the last chapter.

    “So many people!” Paul exclaims.

    Amused, the guys greet everyone before Kammy asks them an awkwardly worded question, making for a cute companion to Paul’s announcement.  “Aren’t you two supposed to be dead?”  This is referring to the fact that L.T. and Isaac stayed to help New Ruyngard after the former Lure Bot, Eppie, and her family defeated her own creator, the evil Allure, to free the planet of her immoral influence.  This decision would’ve made Luke and Isaac age drastically since time went by quickly then, resulting in their common descendant Andrew Scott Griffin being born.

    “Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you,” Luke teases, “but the System Director allowed our generation of the CFA the opportunity of returning to HQ after our time was up on the old planet, so most of us returned here.”

    “Generations, huh?” Kamron Crystal ponders in an odd mutter.  “‘Generations’ reminds me of Dogwood, specifically Ruyngardian genetics for that matter.  Now, what was I thinking concerning that girl?  She reminds me of something, or someone.  Her hair is like Missy’s, but its style and her skin are like Keb’s.  Even her facial features are like Keb’s, if you go by every other universe except this one and a few others supposedly paralleling it.  And that armor is definitely from a later generation, like ours.  What is it with that girl?!”

    “What girl?” Zakura whispers as she’s standing right by the one lost in thought.

    “OH!” Kammy almost jumps.  “I-I forgot you were still here.  Sorry.”

    “You’re quite random, you know.  We’ll be good friends.”  Sneaking her hand toward Kam’s for a fist pump, Z suggests, “You should totally hang out with me once you graduate, since you’ll have the time.  You need a veteran to show you the ropes of being an official System Guard.”

    “Uh, thanks,” Kam whispers back nervously as she obliges the hand gesture.  “That sounds like it’ll be fun.  I hope I’m an Infinite by then so I can travel more efficiently.”

    “Nah,” Z assures, “even if you’re not, the travel will be just as easy, so don’t sweat it.”

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