Her business savvy husband Mizer of Eshpur points to the air, saying, “Well, this planet is a colony, originally being founded on an asteroid by those who gave AB his powers before they transformed it into a fully functional, self-sustaining planet, so I can’t exactly say its atmosphere is that much more realistic than what’s in the base.”

    Lost in the aromas coming from the nearby diner, as if she could eat a meal by the power of smell, Kammy asks, “So, this is the official original store, even if it’s not at its original location inside.  So, with that known, how do Keb and Fiona feel about your restaurant with your rivalry going on?”

    Tea knows exactly what culinary war Kam means.  “Oh, that is merely off the court, so it doesn’t affect our game as a team in food service.  I have no problem whatsoever letting the two, or whoever, contribute to the business by adding their special recipes to my ever-growing selection.  They get their appropriate dues for their products, and I get more customers.  I even love promoting Emily Scott’s recently opened coffee shop, as well as the hair salon Shaved by Grace located on Juniper, because both repay the favor, sending me more business.  Why would I be against that?  Mizey and I are business-minded before being food-minded.  That said, we are very strict with what we allow to be added to our menu, as you can understand.  That is how we keep our selection ‘beyond imagination!’”  Everyone claps at this little in-person commercial, and Tea leads the gang inside the second-most happenin’ place in the universe.

    Once inside Tea’s diner-turned-restaurant, the kids see even more SGs to add to their “I’ve met them” list.  This was the case inside the main building as well, but most of those were characters you wouldn’t know and aren’t relevant to the story, so we’ll save them for another day, I guess.  The ones who are relevant here begin with the four people that walk up to our class to give them a good welcome.  For those familiar with Cerine Rydden and Meg Scott from the last two books, you’ll know who I’m talking about when I introduce these two XI natives.  Shaking the hand of Doug is Cerine’s son Chad, who is standing by his wife Kina Scott Rydden, Meg’s daughter, making her the oldest of James Scott’s nieces and one nephew.

    With them is an SBX girl that is surprisingly new to the SGs and was vital toward the success against Victor Grille of SBXL in book two, though behind the scenes.  This girl is none other than Rue Patterson, our favorite unsung hero of Storyboards VII and XL, now along with Storyboard X.  I hope you’ll forgive Rue’s parents for confusing you by naming her Lulu in the SBX version, as I’m sure they had no idea of the other universes at the time.  This much quieter version, lacking the Scottish accent, graces the class with her peaceful voice to deliver a message.

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