“Hey there!  I’m Ben Chang, and this is my wife Zakura.  Welcome to Planet HQ.”

    This warm welcome strongly grips Kammy’s attention, particularly being focused on the young woman standing in front of her.  “Yes!  Dogwood represent!  About time you guys started using our style.  You wouldn’t actually be from our galaxy, would you?”

    With a soft smile, Zakura dispels this assumption.  “No hon, I’m not from this galaxy or yours.  I originally lived in a storyboard that no longer exists before my parents eagerly sent me here to serve the System Guards in whatever capacity they needed, even if it was to simply bring them cookies and lemonade every day, though they hadn’t even met me or recruited me yet, he he.  I met this local boy here and married him, and now’ we’re official greeters here at HQ.  Also, I guess I could mention that part of me also comes from the Juniper District, but I can’t go telling everything about myself yet, or it’d spoil all the fun.”

    Dumbfounded, Kammy leans in and lightly holds Zakura’s wrist.  “Tell me…everything.”  This cute gesture sends the woman into a fit of amusement.

    With the introductions done, the couple leads the squad through the massive building, showing them the various shopping facilities and such before discussing the side of this base that everyone is really wanting to see.  However, before we go there, we’re actually going to go outside and see what’s in the surrounding area.  The attractions Ben and Z show the group next include Keb’s personal zoo and Fiona’s Ingredient Depot, the latter being a huge grocery store based on the System-famous cooking skills of Keb’s mama.  Both of these locations are actually sister sites to their original shops located within another huge building connected to the main base.  This is simply called the Planet HQ Activity Center and has more fun than you could imagine.  But with all of this excitement, only one place stands out above all the rest.

    “I…” Faye stutters, voicing the awe of the others, “I’ve always wanted to visit the founding site.  T’s is the best food chain there is!”

    “Why, thank you!” says the owner of the multiversal food chain, Tracy Mizer, affectionally known as the wonderful Tea.  “If you visited my other store in the HQ food court, you might be told that’s my first store, but that is only because you’re talking to someone who didn’t know I moved it out here long ago because I didn’t like having my building caged inside that tiny space of a ceiling.”

    “We were inside,” Ent says, “and if you think that high of a ceiling is too small, I don’t know what to tell you.  Some parts in that place even had the ceiling to look like the clear sky, with the physics following along.  I guess there’s not much competition with the genuine artifact of nature’s sky.”

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