“You actually bought it!” Sherry boasts.  Then, turning off her cloaking tech to reveal she does have arms, she explains, “I simply turned my shoulders invisible using the most amazing feature this dress has, which is the only reason I endure wearing the thing as I have a terrible fear of the color red.  That’s why my hair is dyed orange instead of cherry red.  This attire uses what’s called phantom technology, a few hundred steps above your boring old last century cloaking gear.  You see, there’s something you need to know about the atom in the human body.  Oh, and you real-worlders listening to my conversation can research this to see this applies to your universe, too.  There is so little material in the atom that the human body is nothing more than an illusion, a twisted joke of physics.  You guys are barely any realer than I am, only because of Jesus Christ.  Anyway, the only reason your empty space doesn’t fall through the chair you’re sitting on or the floor you’re standing on, or the mouse your hand is holding, or the phone, blah blah, is because of an electromagnetic simulation that causes resistance between objects.  Your body is hollow and empty.  It only feels solid and real because of electromagnetism.

    “Now, what phantom tech does is manipulate this fact to allow one to literally make themselves disappear.  If I let you girls feel my shoulders while my tech is on, you’d pass right through, so I could make you believe I have no arms.  Isn’t that super cool and convenient for secret agent stuff?!”  Well, now that the kids aren’t faced with a couple of sick, sadistic sisters, they can enjoy the fascination of this revelation presented to them by Sherry Scarpocalypse.

    “Sherry, Blue, guys,” Gigi is impressed, but must address an issue.  “How long has it been since you lost everyone?  How are you doing, emotionally and such?”

    “Much better,” Blue answers.

    “We’re just in character,” Ami adds.

    “I know we have a long way to go, but I actually feel safe when I am alone now,” Melo confesses.

    “Even Ryan’s all outgoing and talkative these days,” Sherry says with a smile.

    “I just look grumpy out of habit,” he explains.

    Sighing and playing with the blasters hanging on her belt, Ariana begrudgingly decides to do a thing.  “This is for you, Angel.”  This, however, is accompanied with Ari sticking out her tongue.  THIS gets Ariana scolded for being rude in front of the kids.  At any rate, Ari presents the group with a kind gift.

    “When we were asked to teach the class, we all got overambitious in wanting to give you a good show and let you experience our history and how we’ve progressed.  I guess we might have overdone it a little, he he.”  As she’s let the kids see something that only her siblings have seen in years, Ari continues.  “I do appreciate my parents and my heritage.  The fact is we have grown more than I let on when you first arrived.  I just wanted to take the makeup off long enough to show you I’m not as scarred as I might have caused you to believe.  Sorry if I had you worried.  Then again, the six of us could be a little honest and admit we still let our past beat us up sometimes.  You know what?  I’m not giving up the green altogether, but I think it would do you girls good to see your older sister as she once was.  Ryan and I are your elders, so we need to be a good example to you three young’uns, as well as to you, I guess, Melo, he he!”

    To this, the other girls discuss their plans to maybe use their natural hair colors every now and then.  There’s nothing wrong with style, just as long as it doesn’t become an unhealthy security blanket to hinder them from growing past their pain.  Blue even states she’ll dye her hair black on occasion in support.

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