The girl in the all-red dress claps her floating hands.  “Oh, bliss!  I was starting to fear my dress would be in vain.  Shall we do the introductions?”

    “Will there be any more hanging on the wall?” Kammy asks.

    “If you don’t like it, you can leave,” Ariana pouts.

    Laughing, Kammy says, “It’s fine.  I am wondering with Faye what hairspray you’re using though.”

    Knocking on her frozen follicles, the green one says, “It’s what I call my helmet…hair.”  This gets many laughs.  And with this, the group sounds off, one by one, almost in a military fashion.  Since you can clearly read the names above, I’ll just skip to the important parts.

    Ryan gives the points.  “We are the children of A.J. and Amy Scar, Melody Maxine by marriage to me.  As things have not been what we would’ve hoped, the space colony you are in, having come from another universe, is home to the world known as the Scarpocalypse.  Arion Jekel made his mark on our world, and it took losing EVERYTHING to get rid of that clown.”

    “It’s why Ariana dresses the way she does.  It helps her cope and feel less mime-like.”  Ami’s information raises more questions than answers.

    “Thanks for the weather forecast on my life, Ami,” says Ariana as she crosses her arms, “like I’m the only sister besides natural Blue who copes by painting her true hair color.  Anyway, being familiar with SG lore, you’re aware that my dad’s initials stand for Arion Jekel Scar, with his original power set being similar to that of the evil nightmare that we all hate.  Well, we, too, can do some of those attacks and such.  Truth be told, we hate our heritage through our dad.  Don’t get me wrong, we love ol’ Pops.  It’s our ‘grandfather’ that we can’t stand thinking about.  We also hate being failures to the Scott legacy.”

    “Um,” Faye interrupts, “you do know Arion Jekel wasn’t literally the dad of A.J. and Jaqueline Scar, right?  A.J. had similar powers for reasons not connected to the clown, with his name being given to him as a way of saying, ‘Ya see this kid?  Well, he’s a nightmare to you nightmares!’”  The girls snicker as they recognize this slogan.  “So, yeah, you have no reason to say that Arion Jekel is your grandfather.”

    Shrugging, Ariana says, “All the same, we’ve moved on.  Before Melo mellowed out and stopped dying her hair white, Ryan was the only one to not cover up the jet-black hair of our heritage.  Melody is the daughter of the late AB and Missy, while the rest of us come from the union of Scott and Scar.”

    “Ariana,” Sherry butts in, “stop talking, and let them ask the question.”

    Startled and angry, Ariana turns to her sister, “Why don’t you stop talking while you’re ahead and still have one!”

    Paul doesn’t get it.  “Still have one what?”

    “A head,” whispers Kammy before speaking out loud.  “Which, I suppose, is meant to lead into us asking what happened to your arms.  Did you lose them to Arion Jekel?”

    “Pff, I wish,” Sherry declares loudly.  “At least I wouldn’t have to resist the urge to slap the one who yanked ‘em off simply because I was complaining about painting my nails.  She’s just a nerd.”

    “Ha ha!  At least you don’t have to worry about the nails anymore,” Blue says as she casually admits her disturbing act of rage.

    Shrugging shoulders she doesn’t have, Sherry agrees, “Yeah, it is more convenient using gravity prosthetics, even if I did threaten to repay the favor for a week.”  And as soon as this is said, the two sisters look around to see who is traumatized with their careless account of what should be a very bad memory between the two.  Elf is the only one to notice the suspicious comradery between the girls in this moment.  The odd entertainment fulfilled, the truth is revealed.

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