“Oh, whatever, Ariana!” Angel argues.  “You’re part Ani, part Ancyro, so you can naturally copy other people’s abilities.  That means you can legitimately grow your own natural wings.  Stop making excuses for bumming off other people.”

    Paul thinks about what the irritated one just said.  “But…wouldn’t copying other people’s abilities be bumming off other people?  I’m confused.”

    “Paulie, baby, it’ll be okay,” Angel absentmindedly consoles him as she tries to pull away from her captor.

    The clown girl provokes the victim’s conscience with, “But Angie, a promise is a promise, and you made a promise.  PWEEEEEASE!”  Puppy dog eyes accompany this.

    Glaring at her friend in annoyed defeat, Dove replies, “Don’t call me Angie.  You know we have an Angie; good girl, too.  Angel is my name, not Angie or Angela—”

    “Or Angelo like Michelangelo!” Ariana ad libs.

    “Or Angelo like Michelangelo,” Angel dully repeats.  “Fine, since I did promise, I can’t go and be a liar, I guess.  Grrr!  Hop on.”  This almost gets the vehicle girl tackled as her passenger eagerly makes the hopping invitation as literal as possible.

    Before they take off, Ari turns to young John Mark and asks, “Hey, do you want a ride, kid?  Take a break from flying.”

    Fearing the wrath of his mother, John politely declines.  “I-I’ll be fine.”

    Pleased with his consideration, the boy’s mother tosses him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich she summoned.

    “TOTALLY WINGIN’ IT!” He declares in pure delight as he tears into his prize.

    So, the nanosecond long flight starts and finishes while the group chuckles over Mark’s excitement for PB & J’s.  Meanwhile, the rest of the crew shows up.

    The male in the group, Ryan, sees his crazy clown sister goofing off and addresses her.  “Ari, what are you doing?”

    “Our friends are here for our history lesson,” replies our pretty, face-painted pal.

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