So now, Angel, Simon, John Mark and the class are all on a space colony located in the Guardian Distract that is home to some very disturbing figures.  “More interesting than that space colony in Solar 1,” Angel comments, referring to the main solar system, as if we’re to know which of its hundreds of colonies she’s referring to.  “It’s a colony with people from a universe where everyone wears glasses.  Sure, not every one of them is boring, and the terms of ‘everyone wears glasses’ is very thin, with this including visors and sunglasses and people who rebelled and went to contacts or just lost their glasses.  Still, I tried fitting in and wearing glasses.  I flew into a wall!!”

    “That’s not boring,” Mercy points out with a smile, “that’s bad coordination.”

    “Halt!” a voice interrupts.  “One more step and you’ll be my beautiful street painting!”

    “Why is that clown, turned upside-down, threatening us?” asks Kammy.

    “How much hairspray is she using?” Faye wonders, watching the green locks defy gravity.

    “Because she thinks she’s cute,” Jo answers her granddaughter while winking at the green girl.

    “Hey!  I am cute!” replies the clown.  “It’s not my fault you’ve lost your sense of creativity, my little Jo Jo.  It’s a good thing Ariana’s here or your kids might all die from boredom.  Don’t worry; that wasn’t a threat.  It was a good pun though.”  Flipping down, Ariana confesses she knew the class was coming and wanted to give them a super cool introduction.  You could’ve been less violent thought, Ari.

    “Standing on the wall was pretty impressive,” Ent commends his new friend.  After she introduces herself, Elfer says, “Ah, yes, a good nickname is everything.  Believe me, I know.”

    “Totally agree, Elfie,” Gigi lovingly taunts.

    “You’re living on the edge with that one, Gi,” Faye returns in favor of her Double-Edge.

    “Angel, my babe, how are you?!” Ariana cries out as she gleefully skips and bobs over to the Dove.  “Are you here to let me ride your wings?  You’ve yet to keep your promise.”

    “Eh, heh,” Angel lets out as she regrets her apparent previous decision, “you’re an Infinite.  Why do you need me to help you fly?  For that matter, grow your own wings, you lazy street performer.”

    “No need for name calling.”  Arian hugs her pal, picking at feathers on Angel’s back, much to the annoyance of poor Dove.  “You’re an Infinite, too, so what’s so hard about giving me a ride?  Besides, if I grew my own wings, it wouldn’t be the same because it’s not my natural heritage.”

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