Along with Andrew is System Guard Danny Randal, named after but not related to the famous Danny Randal Jr. of CFA history.  Our two friends welcome the class back to the planet and update them about anything they might have missed since last time.

    “I’m not sure if I told you,” says Drew, “but the rate of flow between time on our world and that of the rest of the Milky Way has evened out so that people from Earth don’t have to worry about moving here and suddenly growing significantly older or even dying while their relatives back home have only seen a few days or months pass.  It’s very nice.”

    Doug clarifies a caveat to this statement.  “In rearranging the universes into districts, Planet HQ and the System Guards moved to District 70 with Bubbles Indigo’s old storyboard since it was a universe of all Infinites.  She was long gone by then, so no worries about that.  Anyway, while the SGs were gone, New Ruyngard’s time was synced with the rest of Storyboard XI, but then most of the universe was sped forward in time, allowing most of the connections between original Earth in the System and those of the real-world to peacefully pass on.  Planets like New Cambridge are basically the same, but the Earth we visited was technically a distantly future version of that in the real world.  The reasons the Director chose to do this are too many and complicated to explain here.”

    After this odd fact, the teens are told of how District 70 became the Guardian System in the Milky Way Galaxy of the unified universe, having New Ruyngard adding to this solar system.  This resulted in the entire galaxy being on the same, normal time flow.  Now you see why time and age are kind of wonky here.  “I’m a thousand years old,” only means so much when you’re a PAC.  And speaking of time flying, while we barely have enough time for the kids to ask about Sakura, learning she’s on Earth right now with a team of fighters she formed to have serve in her stead since she’s originally from that world, there’s not much else we can discuss as Doug is in a rush to get to HQ and Juniper where he can talk with AB about the strange happenings going on.  Oh well, sorry Drew and Dan.

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