“With all this accomplished, I decided to travel with the System Guards while a very, very dear friend of mine became the wife of the leader of our people, and together they currently guide the planet well.  And yet, while they worked toward governing their society in wisdom and compassion, the System Director gave me a dangerous yet special task of my own, seeing how I was so heavily involved in ending our war through diplomacy.  He sent me to the universe of the Doves and the Ravens.”

    “And that’s where he met me!” Angel cheers with a quick triple clap.  “So, back then, our lot had two types of winged humans, the Doves and the Ravens.  Now, while the SD typical stays away from angels and such, with most wingers just being humans with a growth on the back, the Ravens were the closest that the author got to implying a spiritual theme, much like with James Scott’s fiendish Zocar.  That’s right; the Ravens were of a dark nature.  This wasn’t a civil war but a planet of winged people plagued with sharing their world with…not good creatures.  And to make things more interesting…I was a Raven.  Yes, yep, yes siree!  I was a dark critter.  Now, I have to be careful with what I say, but if you know how Allure works, then you have an idea of how I got my dinner any given day.  I’m not proud of it.  So, anyway, there I was, just a huntin’ like usual when I see this really good-looking guy wandering around.  ‘I’m gonna’ meet this fella’!’ I said to myself, and so, I swooped down and kidnapped him, planning to eat him up.”

    Kammy whispers to Faye, “Sounds like an Allure thing alright.”

    Faye whispers back, “You sound too excited about her.”

    Angel continues, “So, I took him to one of my secret caves to make sure another Raven didn’t try to start problems and steal my food.  This particular cave was actually connected to my room, so I could knock him out and go get a drink to go with him if I wanted, super convenient.  But there was one major problem, I really liked this guy.  I don’t mean I was romantically interested in him.  I mean throughout the whole time I kidnapped him and brought him back, he never fought with me or cried for help.  He spoke very kindly to me and kept asking me soul-searching questions.  By the time I had brought him back to my cave, I was so interested in what he had to say, I put off doing anything to him just to listen.  The more we talked, the guiltier I felt about myself, which is big because that goes against the physiology I had at the time.  Long story short, Simon convinced me.  I wanted to change, but I didn’t know how.  I was a Raven, so even if I wanted to change, my instinct and ancestry was of a dark nature.  I was the child of darkness.  That’s when Simon pointed out that the System Director himself was once the child of Satan until the power of Jesus Christ made him a child of God.  So, if Jesus could do a miracle like that for a real human being, surely something as simple as reimagining a PAC program as a good thought was child’s play.  Aaaaand that’s how I became a Dove.  That’s also how I got my name.  I know we don’t have actual angels on our planet, but I was so touched by my gift of grace that I wanted to remind myself I was no longer a child of darkness, so I named myself Angel.”

    Turning to Simon, she smiles and states, “I was also blessed with the privilege of marrying the hero who rescued me from my chains of slavery, leading me to the One who saved me from myself.  Oh Simon, you’ve been such a good husband!  Now, as for the rest of the Ravens, since they hadn’t received the same chance I had up to that point, all at once, the entire civilization was presented with the facts of the matter and given the choice to change.  Those that did became Doves.  Those that didn’t, including their wicked father, were wiped from the mind of the author, finally allowing the people of our planet to live in peace.  Incidentally, I’m the only former Raven, that I know of, that’s currently on the SG staff.  Felicia might be a former Raven, but I’ve never thought to ask her.  Life on our planet is so great now, it’s easy to forget that Ravens even existed sometimes.  And so, I moved with Simon to Planet HQ where the other System Guards are, and on one of our subsequent visits to my home, we met Medalia.  She’s my best friend now, along with Felicia, who’s probably off doing errands.  She’s a sweetheart.

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