So, the two warriors hold hands as the arm war begins.  As Medalia looks at Owan with a determined smile, she throws her might into her grip, though not all at once, since this will definitely be a tough contest.  Owan smiles back, not letting her intimidate him with her mind games.  The others look on, trying to detect any give between the opposing sides.  Finally, the arms start to lean in a way Owan does not want if he’s to win this thing.  For a moment, this motion slows and completely stops, but soon, it continues as Medalia brings the red boy closer and closer to defeat.  Right as his knuckles are about to touch the table, he slowly brings it back up.  However, right as the arms are a few centimeters short of being straight up again, Medalia pushes Owan’s hand back toward his side once more.  Half way from where he was last time, he stops her, gradually brings her over the top of the hill and politely escorts her down to her side of the table where he seals the deal, once and for all.

    “How impressive!” Medalia says once she is defeated.  “I would have been worried if you couldn’t beat a girl with half as many ius as you.”

    “Yeah,” Owan smugly chuckles, “I couldn’t totally own ya.  I had to make it look like you stood somewhat of a chance.”

    “Oh, is that how is was, huh?” She shakes her head with a smile.  “Well, aren’t you the gentleman?”

    “I try,” he says with a shrug.

    “Yeah, well,” Jo interrupts, “she’s older than me, so kill that idea.”

    “What?” Owan throws back.  “I said nothing like that.”

    “Hey, what are you trying to say, Jocelyn, that I’m an old mummy?!” Medalia rants.

    “No, no, no,” Jo tries to calm this down with a suitable hand motion.

    “Look, woman,” Medalia says, pointing in a scolding fashion, “I’m a perfectly young, hot thing.  In reality, you guys are the one barely a few months old.”

    “Then that definitely makes you a cradle robber, Medalia,” calls the voice of our real host for the class on this world.  The Dove that we have been hearing about finally arrives, ready to shoot witty banter, as usual.  Before her addition can start any fights with Jo and Meddy, Angel introduces her little family.

    “Hiya!  I’m Angel, and this is my husband Simon, and THIS is our pride and joy, John Mark.  Say hi, John.”

    “Hi, John!” he says with a snicker.

    “That’s muh boy, he he!”

    As the others acknowledge Simon, he also gives a greeting, though much more introverted.  As everyone looks at him, the easy conclusion is made that he looks a lot like Bryan Sims of SBX, not that he is an equivalent, but probably just a relative of his world’s version.  “So, what’s your story?” Kammy enquires.

    After a few more words of introduction, Simon starts his part of the tale.  “In the universe I’m originally from, the Siderian are the main heroes.  However, during my generation, we were in the midst of a civil war.  Long ago, our people were so corrupt, that the System Director punished those responsible by mocking their spider-like form of combat, turning them into giant spiders.  While I was of those still human, after just acquiring the legendary Siderian Sword I have on my back now, I was asked by our leader to look for a way that we could end our dispute with our enemies, whether peaceful or not.  I looked into this and soon met the System Guards, visiting my world on their campaign of reorganizing the Storyboards.

    “With their help, we met with the leader of the spiders, and together with this leader and his companions, went on a quest given us by the System Director to strengthen our bond, reminding us of the fact we were still brothers.  The war soon ceased and the spiders, having proven they were long past the sinister ways of their ancestors, were all returned to their human forms.

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