So, the plan is to visit the Doves, and then it’s off to the only two worlds of Solar 4, New Ruyngard and HQ, both located in the epic Guardian System.  Mind you, in each solar system, there are several colonies, but we will only mention those as they come up in the class’s conversations.  “Let’s go visit wing people,” Doug says.

    As our tour takes us to the wonderful world of wings, we wait with the wise teacher and his women colleagues.  Sitting on a rock, the class looks around at the atmosphere of Kainos Ktisis and takes in a deep breath.  So fresh and rich!  Faye and Kammy fidget with their wrist communicators like girls do with their phones in the real world, looking up things, posting on SG social media and so forth, while Gigi lays her head on Elfie’s shoulder.  Ent is glad she is on the right because he was exercising the other one, throwing it forward lightly to work out his hand-eye coordination.  Paul is tossing small pebbles at Mercy, trying to hit her before she notices while Owan is sitting quietly, thinking of how he can use the time.

    “Good a time as ever,” he concludes, and thus, he lies down, kicks his legs in the air and starts doing bicycle exercises because being healthy is surely a priority here.

    “What are you doing?” asks a voice from the sky.  “That’s highly awkward.”

    A young woman with purple hair and wearing an orange tunic over white body armor descends to meet the group and to investigate Owan’s odd behavior.  “Hi there!  I’m Medalia, and I’m one of your hosts for the day.  Are you all as weird as this one?”

    “No, no,” says Doug, “he’s definitely a champion of that competition.  Although, we do have some close rivals in our midst.”

     “Including you,” says Jo.

    “Look who’s talking,” Mercy quips.

    “Hey, I gotta’ stay in shape,” Owan defends.  “Medalia, you look like a fighter, so you should understand.”

    “I get you,” she replies.  “So, have Angel and Simon seen you guys yet?”  As the question receives the negative response, Medalia cheers as this means she arrived first.  “I thought for sure she’d make certain that you met her first.  I suppose it’s best she’s last since you’ll probably spend the most time with her, and for good reason.  The story of how she met her husband is pretty amazing.  With me, it’s more straightforward.  My older brother was on an epic quest when he was killed near the end.  I learned about this and took up where he left off, having to learn how to fight and everything as I stumbled along pathetically, ha ha!  The SGs met me along the way and helped me gain the quick experience I needed to finish my task.  After that, I joined the ranks and have been serving here as the main guardian of the planet with Angel visiting her old world occasionally to see how I’m doing.  She really is a good friend, even if I give her a hard time, he he!”

    “Nothing wrong with a little teasing,” says Gigi, “right, Lady Jo?”

    “Oh, so totally!” Jo agrees with a wink.

    “So, if that’s all your story,” Owan starts, “then there’s not much else to learn.  Are you wanting to spar?  I’d like to see how strong you are.”

    “This is becoming a habit, guys.” Doug voices.  “‘Hi, I’m from the Dogwood Galaxy.  Want to fight?’  Learn to socialize, chumps.”

    “But didn’t you say that the new CFA format involves as many Infinites as want to participate?  Shouldn’t the iu-warriors have something as well?”  Ent asks this as he recounts what he was told after they visited New Ruyngard a few years ago.

    “Yes,” Doug confirms, “but that doesn’t mean we have time for this in every visit.”

    “Eh, we’ll arm wrestle,” Medalia concludes.  In case it wasn’t specified enough, when the guys and girls fight one another, special measures are taken to account for the gender thing so it’s not actually the men fighting and hitting the women.  Don’t worry; we’re not tasteless savages.

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