Chapter 6   Rising Above

    “There’s so much here!” Doug exclaims, seeing all the possible destinations on his map of the Milky Way.  “We’re skipping Solar 1 because it’s just classic Earth and its buddies, except for Planet X which AB accidentally blew up as a kid.  Good thing there were only villains there at the time.  It’d be fun to show you the planet where all this started, but we don’t want to get distracted, so we might come back.”  Doug thinks about this for a second and then changes his mind as he quickly transports everyone to Astro Bomber’s home planet, the wonderful Earth of Milky Way.  However, with none of the main characters living here anymore, Doug simply lands the class in AB’s hometown and points around.  “This is where AB, Cici and Keb grew up as kids.”  He then takes them to Israel, Tokyo and other famous spots before going back to where they were all standing at the start of this paragraph, out in the middle of space somewhere in this galaxy.  “There, now you can say you’ve been to the original Earth.”

    Doug still insists on skipping several other planets due to time.  Solar 2, the Track System, has the planets of System Guards Mizer and Fun Sanchez, but with these two in Solar 4, what’s the point?  Also, the planet of the Corians who were a part of that whole insect robot thing is back in the sky and is next to EMJ’s home planet New Cambridge.  This British space colony, also home to AB’s mysterious sister Yvie, is still run by Emily Scott’s parents, so she and James do occasionally visit.  The only other planet here is Planet Naim, but there aren’t any familiar characters from this world still living, so it’s not relevant.

    Solar 3, the Applius System, is where we have Planet Toastra, home to the animal police force known as the Waffling Iron Anew, serving in the stead of their ancestor Waffles the Moose, whose original Waffling Iron helped the SG Jim in his quest to become a worthy hero around the time he met James and AB during the A.J. Scar adventure.  That said, there is one or two other less familiar animal-base worlds, but the two of interest are Kainos Ktisis, the planet of the Doves we heard about from Angie, and Planet Sideria from what used to be District 8.  Now, whereas most people with animal traits look more human, the inhabitants of the Applius System are closer to being cartoonish humanoid animals with the ironic exceptions being the Doves which would technically fit better in the Telfor System of the Tadpole Galaxy and the Siderians which are human Infinites who simply favor a certain fighting style and live on a world that is a duplicate of a planet from Storyboard X, but variety is a good thing, so it’s cool.

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