Entering the house, Elf puts his glass down on the table and hurries back outside, having opened the door to see everyone at the swings, when he smells the same addictive aroma he smelled in the Mirror System.  As he quickly turns around, however, this scent is magically replaced with bubblegum, just like last time.  Do I even have to tell you what pretty little thing is standing behind him?

    “What is that and how do you keep doing it?” Ent asks.

    “Doing what?  I was trying to get out of the house before you blocked the way.  You should really be more careful, rushing to everywhere that I’m at, or it will give people the wrong impression, sir.  Now, get.”

    He starts to move, but since he can tell he is clearly visible to the others in the door, he takes a moment to ask her a thing or two.  “I seriously didn’t know you were still in here.  It’s kind of odd, when you think about it.  You disappear, and when I find you by yourself, you’re wearing a different perfume, even saying you hate bubblegum.  I don’t care what perfume you use.  I’m just going to assume this is something else you picked up from that silly, sassy Roxy Shiloh.  I was thinking about the dream match between Roxy Shiloh, Roxy of XL and Roxy of New Ruyngard.  That’d be a comical scene to watch.”

    “Yeah,” Faye laughs, “I can hear Shiloh now, ‘Just like muh Pops.  You wannabes don’t stand a chance.’”

    “And then I’m sure that would start a match between Buck and his brother Brian,” Elf laughs.

    “Nah,” Faye disagrees, “every time I’ve wanted them to fight, they get bored quick, saying that’s what everyone asks for when they’re together and that they’ve competed against each other so much, it gets old after a while.”

    “Kind of like when you talk about things you should have no clue about, seeing how you’ve never been to Juniper other than last year, yet you constantly act like you live there or something?” Ent tries to say this lovingly, but the irritation in his voice is quite obvious.

    Faye backs up, realizing he’s caught her for the third time in one day.  “Seriously?” she mutters, “Why are you forcing me to mess up so much today?  I thought you cared about me.”

    The way she says this, Ent can’t tell if Faye is speaking to him or someone else.  That is when his annoyed apprehension becomes reality, yet again.

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