“Oh…that….” regardless of Peter’s potential facial expression, Lullaby feels a cold chill go over her.  “I’ve never personally seen him, but I’ve heard stories.  He is gone, isn’t he?  All the villains are wiped out.  That’s what I was told.”

    “That’s what we were all told,” Faye says, “but that doesn’t mean new creeps and new lowlifes can’t emerge to take their places.”

    Peter holds his wife and says, “And I’ll be right here to WHOMP ‘em.  Dontchu’ worry, baby; I’ll take care of you, and that baby of ours.  Friend’ll help, too.”

    “Now, hang on, guys,” Doug tries to reign in the excitement.  “Don’t freak out over what my students say.  The Mirrors were messengers of Ultimax, but Entoni also said that this was part of a trick done by AB.  Now, I hate to spoil the exam for you all, but I can’t have you scaring the locals.  I think your mom is playing with us to pull one of her Gramps’s old schemes.  The final exam is most likely just a bunch of Mirrors like last year.”

    Not satisfied, Lil looks to Peter and says, “Maybe you should make me an Infinite then.  Protecting my child is much more important right now.  Even if there’s nothing to worry about, I would be irresponsible if I risked the safety of my son for my own priorities.”

    “Heh heh, shots fired, Cat,” Jo scoffs.

    “Hey!” Doug gets it.

    “Ha ha!  No,” Lully defends herself, “I wasn’t talking about you guys, silly.  I was talking about keeping my baby safe.  Peter, will you go ahead and do it?  I’d rather not argue about it.  I’m ready, my son needs me to be prepared…and the kids need a good show anyway.  Can you do that for me, baby?”

    Though he is initially reluctant, Peter understands the importance and commitment of his wife’s intentions, so he agrees to upgrade her right then and there.  To do this properly and officially, Lully takes her husband by the hand and stands in the middle of their little crowd.

    “Okay, guys,” she says, “watch and learn!”

    The process isn’t nearly as profound or exciting as she’s making it out to be, but just like how we’ve been traveling through space, how Lullaby chooses to be upgraded is her cup of tea, not ours.  I’ll also add the disclaimer that this is not a ritual or anything funky like that, just simple SG tech at its maximum.  Having never done this before, Peter simply puts his hand on his wife’s forehead and says, “Uh, Lillian Baxter Peter, I, yor husband, Peter, do hereby appoint you an official Infinite Warrior.  You can kiss meh now.”  And with this, he alters his wife’s physical abilities to do whatever he can, which is virtually anything.  He’s also able to make sure not to affect the child, since we can’t be having no uncontrollable infants living inside poor Lullaby, now, can we?  He’ll have to train like everyone else.

    “You’re so funny,” Lully says, giving her husband that kiss he asked for after everything is finished.

    Well, this is eventful, but after the moment is over, we return to the previous activities of singing and boardgames.  An hour more of this and it’s time to go to the final galaxy.  What?  Did you forget this was G2?  We only have the good old classic to visit, and then it’s back to Dogwood.  Get ready; we’re heading to the Milky Way!

    The group heads outsides because Lil doesn’t want to have a swing set in her living room.  “I mean, I’m going to decorate the fire out of this swamp now that I’m an Infinite, but I’d rather not deal with cleaning up a mess this very second.”  So, the trip is about to start back up.

    Elfer, however, seems to really like the kitchenware, because he’s still holding his empty glass in his hand.  The jokes from the others make him aware of this silly fact, and even though Lil offers to simply take it from him, he politely insists on fixing his mistake and rushes back into the house.

    “Ha ha!” Gigi laughs.  “Those two bird brains really are right for each other!”  She says this as she draws the class’s attention to the fact that Faye has also yet to come outside.

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