“Why, thank you!”  Lully is delighted.

    Owan whispers to Gigi, “What has she done?”

    Giggling, Gracie mocks, “Typical.  Lullaby put some brown in it.  I think it looks gorgeous.”

    Faye agrees, saying, “Roxy must be proud, ha ha!  I’m sure she likes her student using her dad’s hair color.”

    “I guess, ha ha!” Lil strokes her hair as she laughs.  “I think Buck Shiloh’s hair may be a little lighter than mine, but Rox did say something about it.”

    Kammy was going to join in on Gracie’s jokes, but this new information from Faye distracts her.  “You’re training with Roxy Shiloh?  That’s stinkin’ awesome, Lil!”

    “I know, right?!” Lily says, clapping her hands.  “To have the daughter of the great Buck Shiloh as my SG trainer is super cool.  It all started, of course, when she was put in charge of our Galaxy when it was District 44.  That was a short but fun experience, and she’s been hanging out with me since then.  That Lex of hers has a bit of an attitude, but I don’t mind him hanging around my husband as long as Peter, or Friend for that matter, doesn’t start giving me problems, ha ha.”

    Caught up in the fun of the conversation, Faye leans over to Elf and whispers, “Don’t know what she’s talking about.  Roxy can be pretty sassy herself.  Be glad she hasn’t rubbed off on me yet.”

    Kammy puts her glass in her left hand and extends the other arm.  “Do you think you could introduce me to Rox?”  Just as suspected by her peers, Kam switches her arm into cannon mode and says, “I need someone to help me get the most I can out of Baby Z, and what better person than the daughter of the original Ancyro, or even Buck himself?!”

    “Oooo!” Lullaby stares at the blaster on the end of K.C. Cannon’s forearm.  “I bet you think you’re tougher with a weapon, don’t you?”

    “Here we go again,” Owan groans.

    “I already mopped the floor with Ruly Duly about ten minutes ago.  Are you getting in line?”

    Caught in a storm of giggles, Lullaby almost drops her food and drink, but soon regains her composure.  “Would you seriously fight a pregnant woman?  Shame on you, child.  I wasn’t challenging you, ha ha!  My point was that you can do the same attacks with a palm that you can with a blaster, so why go through all that trouble?  If it’s merely for style, then that’s different, I guess.”

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