As much as this evaluation stings, the teachers and students appreciate this honest appraisal of history.

    “Dandy indeed,” says Ruly, “Now, let’s fight.”

    At last, Kammy and Faye get to show off their moves to their new friends.  However, Jo decides to have some fun and encourages her granddaughter to, “Show no mercy and no reserve,” and to give this fight everything she’s got.

    As Doug looks at Jocelyn like she needs to be locked up, Kam turns to her grandma and says, “Whatever, Grandma, he he!  I can’t go all out because Ruly’s only a rating of 501.  You know I’d shatter her bones into atoms and molecules.”

    “You knew the rating difference?”  Doug’s question betrays his surprise at how behind the times he is.  As Kam and the others all casually explain that using an iu-gauge is something they’ve all figured out, Doug’s defense is, “It’s been a thousand years since I was a cadet, so cut me some slack, guys.”

    “Guess that’s why I’m the teacher,” Jo says, checking her nails as Cat does when she’s right, only Jo looks more genuine since she doesn’t wear gloves.

    “And for the record, sir,” Kammy assures him, “Just because I know Duly’s ius aren’t as high as mine doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy making a new friend…as long as she still enjoys it.”  With this, Kammy looks at her opponent, finding comfort in Duly smiling and nodding in response to what the teen just said.

    So, the two have a friendly little sparring match with Faye doing a similar dance with Julie.  Of course, our two monsters eventually win, but they love every minute of the playtime with their new companions, so this will be yet another cherished memory of their journeys abroad.  This is going to be important as I should have pointed out much earlier that this is Kammy’s last year as a cadet.  You heard right.  While the others will be doing whatever next year, K.C. Cannon will be enjoying life as an official System Guard.  She’ll still have to earn her way up to the level of Infinite Warrior, but that is a journey she will thoroughly enjoy.

    With their opponents out, the two girls come to the logical conclusion that it’s time to face each other.

    “Might as well,” Kammy says.

    “Only if we don’t get into a real fight over a fun fight,” Faye cautions, knowing she and her pal have bad tempers when losing, especially to each other.

    “Aren’t you girls forgetting something?” Doug asks.

    “I think they are. Yep, indeed.” Mercy points her finger in a playfully scolding manner.

    “We said you could fight them, not each other,” Jo says.  “As strong as you two are now, we don’t have time for such a long exchange.  We’ll have to wait until the end of the trip.  Come on, my little warrior women.”

    “Aw, that stinks,” Kammy says, even though she’s not that disappointed about it as she kind of agrees with her grandmother.  “I guess you’re lucky, Faye Baby.”

    “Lucky that I have such a fun friend to keep up with?  I think I’m very lucky.”  Faye puts her arm around Crystal, and the two go back to the group.

    “Mr. Rug,” Owan says, “you know, you could use your Infinite powers to summon a guy from this galaxy to let me fight.  Just saying.”

    “Ha ha!” Rug is impressed by the effort.  “Nice try.  At least you’re back to normal and not obsessed with pretty faces for the moment.”

    “Miracles do happen,” Jo teases her son.

    “Aren’t moms supposed to support their sons or something?” Owan teases back.

    As the circus continues to exchange the witty banter, they eventually take their adventure back to the swings, getting ready to launch away with Ruly Duly and Julie looking on.

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