Using insta-change, Duly switches to what she clarifies isn’t her own outfit but what she is wearing to the party Julie mentioned.  Telling the story of the duo’s inspiration, Ruly explains, “So, I’m a double of Amy Scott and Julie Spiderfly is a double of the CFA’s Julie Dragonfly.  Well, we were talking about how when AB first saw Dragonfly, he was reminded of Keb, so we decided to go as two legends in Keb’s family tree.”

    Kammy mutters to Paul, “AB can see grass growing and think of Keb.  Whoopty doo.”

    Not hearing this, Duly continues, “The average Siderian is an Infinite who uses spider-like techniques as their main type of attacks.  Well, there was a universe in which a girl who looked like Keb landed on the Siderian homeworld and stayed there.  Her name was Moon Breaker.  Well, her granddaughter was a powerful Siderian who focused on her spider techniques as well as powers similar to those of System Guards Fiona and Yvie.  Thus, she was Orb Spider.  And this Orb Spider, Katherine Elisabeth Simms, was part of an elaborate story of how Milky Way’s Keb has Ancyro AND Siderian somewhere in her ancestry.  So, we’re honoring our dear friend by going to a costume party as her ancestors.”

    “Or, you could go as Amy Scott, since you are, ya know…” Kammy is set on switching from Keb.

    Much to Kammy’s delight, Faye unintentionally gives into the subject change by pointing out, “I was thinking of how that pink top and the gloves you had on a minute ago with your pigtails made you look like Missy’s bodyguard Miss Mimi rather than Amy.  It’s funny that a few XI generations ago, the fact Missy had a girl who looked like her was a big deal.  I think we mentioned this before.”

    Lighting up at this chance to talk about some of her favorite people, Kammy says, “Faye, you should know this, as smart as I know you are, but even though the couples don’t necessarily look alike, many people have considered A.J. and Amy to be kind of a shadow to AB and Missy.  I mean, Missy and Amy share some similarities, but not enough to call them twins.  AB and A.J. aren’t twins, ha ha!  But what people mean by that can be exemplified by when OG Arion Jekel executed his first major attack on the System Guards.  Who was the one who literally pushed AB out of the way, saying, ‘It’s not always about you’?  A. J..  Time after time, there are characters hiding in the shadows that nobody pays attention to because you guys are way too focused on AB, Keb and Missy.  If you’d stop being so narrowminded, you might actually learn a thing about your universe.  Okay, I vented a little.  Sorry if I was too strong.”

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