“Bummer,” says the defeated boy.

    “We don’t have to make a big deal about it to the others.  We’re still friends, I hope.”

    “Gigi,” Owan insists, “I don’t care if you tell them.  It wasn’t my intention to date you to make them happy, and it’s not my intention now.  You are forever my friend, and that’s something I value most of all.  So, we’ll just be honest, okay?”

    Smiling even more at him, Gigi, gladly tells him, “Thank you, Storyboard O.”

    And with these two friends strengthening their relationship more than any romantic promise could, how are the other two love birds doing?  Well, for all the talking the other two have been doing, this non-couple has been sitting in silence the entire time.  Faye, slightly turned to the side, looks down at her cupped hands as Elfie sits across from her, just waiting patiently, trying to be her silent buddy rather than fix her problems.  This scene even has Paul and Kammy feeling gloomy as the two have chosen to pray for their friends in between their own flirty whispering.  K.C. and her boyfriend are like two people trying to have a good time in a library.  It’s really funny, except for the whole Elf and Faye nearby being sad part.

    The teens have all spent the entire time in romance land, with some enjoying the stay, some taking a break and the new tenants deciding to move out.  Boy, they sure are ready for the next round of space travel!  Doug, Jo and Mercy clap their hands, waking up the dreamy mopers to the fact they are still in school.  So, everyone slowly makes their way to the teachers, Kammy and Paul leading the way, and soon line up to enter the bus.  However, the teachers change it to a set of swings to lighten the mood.  Come on, everyone.  Grab a seat and swing into the next galaxy…literally.

    As Faye approaches her swing, she hops toward it, turning to face Elfie.  Having gotten his attention with her apparent recovery of zeal, she says, “Elfie, what you just did means the world to me.  Your patient, gentle presence said more than you know.  That’s why you’re my hero.”  The smile that accompanies this lets Double-Edge know that his friend is, indeed, feeling a little better, and that’s what matters most to him.

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