The others tell Gigi not to apologize for her addition to the conversation and Angie says this reminds her of the days she spent at GSR.  When her constant praising of the wonderful program starts to gain the interest of Kammy and Faye, the teachers wisely talk them out of thinking so drastically about their teenage lives.  They’re just emotional teens at the moment.  The adults will let them know if some vicious habit or something of ill repute brings up a need for such a precious program.

    Well, as wonderful as this time is, our group continues to talk with these ladies a great deal more, not realizing how quickly the time is passing.  Before they know it, Mr. Rug and his two accomplices are leading the team to the next location.  However, before they go to another galaxy, it is decided that these heroes need a quick break, especially with all the Mirrors going around.  Swiftly swinging the bus into the cozy lunchroom, using great care not to hit anything, the driver lets his passengers off for about fifteen to twenty minutes.  We’ll see.

    Now that the teens can roam around freely for a bit, Gigi watches with great concern as Elfie timidly follows Faye at a distance, not sure whether to sit with her or give her some space.  This scene, however, will have to take care of itself as Gigi has her own discussion waiting to start.

    “Hey, Gi,” Owan whispers as he leans on a bench next to her.  The two sit down across from each other, choosing to let Ent and Faye fend for themselves.  “I’m sorry if my joking got out of hand.  It’s my first day as your non-official boyfriend, but that doesn’t excuse making you feel bad because I let my humor do the thinking for me.”

    “Eh, I know how you are, you goof,” she says, surprising even herself with how naturally she smiles at him over his moment of sincerity as opposed to his typical joking nature.  “It’s my first day as your non-official girlfriend, too, you know.  I haven’t been that much fairer to you, being as vague as possible.  In reality, we’re mainly doing this to fit in with the others.  Is that the case with you?”

    Leaning back a bit, Owan reviews everything in his mind before honestly saying, “No, it’s not.  I mean, sure, the thought is there of ‘It’s a cool thing that we’re all together,’ but you’re my friend.  We’ve grown up together and one thing the teachers say is to date a friend, not just some pretty girl.  I mean, you’re both, so why not at least try it.  However, I guess that’s why I didn’t mind teasing.  I wouldn’t mind giving it a serious try one day, but not only are you not really taking this seriously, so why should I, but we’re not even supposed to be official, like Elf and Faye pointed out, until next year or so.  Well, that’s your mom’s standard.  What if you keep playing around with a dating relationship you can’t even have right now while I give up the fact my parents don’t mind if I date presently and I wait for you to tell me a year or two from now, ‘Oh, just kidding.’”

    “I see.”  Gigi says a quick prayer for wisdom and looks towards a window as she waits for an answer.  “So, you wouldn’t get mad if I let you stay single until then?  It’s very unfair of me to hold on to you like that.  If you want to try again when I’m able, then fine, but as for now, I hope you’re not sad if I change my mind, especially since you’ve not really lost anything.  If you want, our plan is still the same, to date when I’m allowed to.  The only difference is that I won’t get mad if you find someone before then.  Is that okay?”

    As much as he likes the idea, Owan is compelled to give a forced, “No.”  Making a low popping sound with the air in the cheeks, he explains, “It sounds good, but I’d feel like an impatient jerk.  ‘Oh, let’s date, but since you can’t, I’ll go get another girl.’  All I was saying is that I don’t mind waiting.  I just don’t want to wait if it’s simply a buffet choice to you, if that makes sense.”

    Shaking her head with a playful attitude, she repeats, “Then no, that’s my answer right now.  I don’t want to date you right now.  I might later.  It’s not a game.  It’s me being honest with the fact I do not know, and I will not rush my feelings, even if we are friends.  That’s why I said you can choose to wait or not to wait.  I’ll date you in a year, but until then, you’ve got to decide for yourself who you are and what you want.  You can’t have me, he he, holding your hand along the way.  You see the pun, right?”

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