Now, you might be wondering about the other girl we have yet to introduce, and after Deena’s speech, you may be assuming she’s of the newer generation of Azuloth.  However, I’m quite possibly going to greatly surprise you by telling you it’s simply the daughter of A.J. Scar and Amy Scott Scar from the original Milky Way Galaxy.  And this will most likely spark the question of what she is doing here and why she’s so blue.  Let’s see what the niece of James Scott has to say.

    “Yeah, so I’m definitely not from around these parts.  So, here’s my story: when I was born, for whatever reason, I was blessed with a slight blue tint to my natural Scott hair.  In fact, I am the middle child of triplets.  Mom and Dad had twins first and then me and my two sisters.  While all four of my siblings have jet black hair, I have blueish black.  At any rate, my mom named me Blue because of this, and I’ve been obsessed with the color ever since.  As I grew older, the System Director, obviously lacking sleep that day, actually thought I was responsible enough to be in charge of my own district when we started rearranging the extra universes in a more accessible setup.  He knew I’d love hanging out all day with a bunch of blue people, and wouldn’t you know it, they actually tolerate me as well, ha ha!  No, I’m teasing a little.  I highly appreciate the honor that was given to me, and I adore my friends.  It just overwhelms me at times because I used to be a bit immature, more concerned with looking fashionable and being the pretty girl.  When I got older and started growing out of that phase, I guess it surprised me when doing that suddenly resulted in people seeing me as responsible, go figure.  Any questions?”

    Two hands shoot up and both students echo at the same time, “How do I be like you?”  Of course, these two are Faye and Kammy, two would-be sisters ever on opposite ends of the same problem.

    Before Blue can say the obvious, Faye, though touched by the comradery with her friend, quickly butts in to say, “I mean, we know we’re not supposed to mimic you.  What we’re asking is how do you balance being fashionable and pretty with not letting it get in the way of your friendships or responsibilities?”

    Thinking about this, Blue knows by Faye’s quick clarification that starter level Bible principles won’t say anything these ladies haven’t heard, so she chooses her words carefully.  “Okay, ignore the fact I’m entirely blue except for my head, ha ha.  Faye, and Kammy, right?  See?  I remember you guys from the last few big SG events we’ve had in recent years.  You may have just forgotten me because it’s longer for you and there was like a million of us each time.  Anyway, Kammy’s suit has a heart and Faye’s suit has a hat.  Do you girls like those things?  Yeah, sure.  Why don’t you wear a suit that’s just a giant white heart, or more to the point, why not wear a suit ridiculously covered in hats?”

    “Because,” Faye says, “moderation is attractive.  Obsession makes you look stupid.”

    “That pretty much makes my point, but you still knew that.  We, being humans, hear a statement like ‘in moderation’ and we instantly focus so much on not going overboard that we often times don’t try to understand what moderation is.  Not everyone has that problem, but it is still something that can use a tad more clarification every now and then.  I would say pray about it first, because you’ll never figure it out on your own.  Look for good examples in the Bible and in godly people you know, and then in this area, try thinking of your attitude like your hat.  Is your fashion sense the hat on your personality, or are you buried in it?  I hope that makes sense.”

    “Also…” Gigi finds herself joining the chat without meaning to, “stop treating your occasional mishaps as if it’s an everyday mistake.  When you make excuses for your faults, you won’t change.  When you freak out over them, you won’t change.  Acknowledge it and seek to stop, but don’t give it too much attention so it loses interest in hunting you down.  That was Arion Jekel’s big weakness, remember?  We were so focused on overcoming his fear tactics that we took forever to realize he was also feeding off our obsessions with beating him.  Once we made the willful effort to stop showing interest in his tricks, his power dried up.  Don’t give in to sin, but don’t fear it either.  Okay, sorry.”

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