“We both come from another storyboard where all the humans have wings like birds.  There, we were known as Doves, and this particular people group, I believe, moved to the Milky Way Galaxy during the Great Unification.  I was already in this universe when they arrived, so instead of going back to my people, I moved to help the inhabitants of the dying Telfor System.

    “While there are several animal-like humans in the System, most of them live in Telfor.  Unfortunately, even though it is a common thing in imaginary societies to have our kind of people, this causes much friction with the presentation of biblical principles as readers are distracted by such things as the winged looking like angels and other beastly humans seeming to promote things which would definitely not be ethical, like the creation of real-world animal-human hybrids.  All that being said, this incompatibility is causing our kind to die off more rapidly all the time.  I don’t mean to say that I am personally sick or dying, but that societies in general of animal folk are dwindling, and so I wish to make this process as peaceful as possible.  Now, I don’t want you to think the System Director is slaughtering us in the of peer pressure.  Much of this lowering in our population is either from our newer generations being born with fewer or no traits of past eras, or entire civilizations changing all at once by the System Director to help us move on to the next phase in our history.  There are, however, some nations, planets, etcetera that have been lost to time, but in each case, this was done naturally, not catastrophically.  Also, while I’m sure it’s happening to other people groups, like in Azuloth, I don’t believe that, at the moment, it’s happening at the same rapid pace as with the most drastic cultures.

      “I hope that assures you that, up until now, the System Director has been careful with how, or even if, he presents our kind but that as he has seen our current state as not fitting for the future, he is helping us all to leave what is hindering in the past.  We’re not evolving.  We’re growing and becoming something special.  Now, one last thing I’d like to say is that my introduction to the System Guards was through Grace School of Recovery.  They helped me when I arrived here as our strict Dove society made me feel like any mistake I made deemed me a villain.  GSR helped me to understand the balance between not making excuses for my wrongdoings and accepting that I am still a human and will mess up at times.  Both extremes of making excuses and perfectionism are dangerous, and it’s because of the System Guards I have been able to share their kind of compassion with others while my husband and I serve in Telfor.  Okay, I have talked for way too long.  Go ahead and tell your story, Raideena.”

    Before Deena speaks, however, Jo Meyers asks for a moment to teasingly point out one more thing about Angie.  “So, she’s out of her normal uniform as it’s her day off, but her normal attire puts y’all’s reference obsession to shame.  You see, in addition to the old headache of telling the difference between forty different versions from forty different universes, a lot of people used to hold such regard for their ancestors or past heroes, that if they looked like them, they’d dress so similarly that it took a minute to tell if you were talking to the person brought back from the Drawing Board or a newbie who just looked and dressed like them.  Aren’t you glad we, usually, don’t go that far anymore?”

    “And now, I feel quite insulted, Joey,” Angie teases with a giggle.  Jo responds with a funny face.

    Getting her turn, Deena clarifies, “We are not related to the Corians of the Milky Way, being blue people.  Maybe we’re a version of them from our old universe, but who knows?  It’s not important.  What is important is that we are here, and we’re are trying to do what is right.  Like Angie said, our own galaxy is changing.  First, I’ve been told that the Earth in Galaxy 1 has or had a country named Singapore with a capital city also called Singapore.  Well, that’s how our planet is to our galaxy, Azuloth within Azuloth.  And on our one populated planet, we have migrants from other galaxies as well, with the look of the general populous becoming ever slowly like that of everywhere else.  I mean, if I became an Infinite, I could look however I wanted, and guess how I want to look…like me.  There’s nothing wrong with if our society changes.  Time does that, but I will appreciate what we have.  In the meantime, maybe the only change I need is my sense of humor.”  With this, Deena winks at Faye, and Faye smiles back.

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