Having barely heard this advice, Faye freaks out and asks to be excused, rushing for the courtroom door.  Before she can reach it, though, something she did not expect has taken the attention off her, but only long enough to incriminate her even more.  Every eye in the courtroom, including Faye’s, is eventually set on a short, pigtailed individual stepping out of the bus, apparently having fallen asleep along the way.

    “But,” says Paul, “if Faye was on the bus the whole time…uh oh.”

    “Seriously?” Faye says with a yawn as she has no interest in dealing with this again, especially if Mr. Rug or Elfie is going to destroy it before she can get her vengeance.

    “Faye?” Jo Meyers looks at the machine, then back at her.  “When did you get on the bus?  How did we not see you?”

    “I’ve had a bad day, Lady Jo,” Faye says, trying to subtly hide the fact she was crying earlier.  “Can we just destroy this thing and talk about it later?”

    With the spy now revealed, J3 marches her short legs over to it and yanks it by the collar down to her size.  “This is MY courtroom.  I’m not going to just stand by and watch you insult my little friend and make her look like a liar in front of all her friends.”  Then, turning to the dazed teenager, Judy says, “That girl was sleeping inside that bus the whole time, and yet, just from her friends, I can tell she is the sweetest and most selfless young woman a person could ask for as a friend, whereas you were easy to spot as a fraud from the moment you started your little story, written by none other than Yuri Lyin’!  Now, let me show you what the System Guards taught me to do, you dweeb!”  This lecture is followed up by a strong uppercut, sending the creep through the roof.  J3 then fires a mighty beam through the freshly made window above her head, hitting the foe dead on, vaporizing it completely.  “Don’t worry about the roof; I’ll handle it.”  As everyone tries to gather their thoughts at what just happened and how Faye ended up on the bus if the Mirror was apparently with them before they had even made it, Judy is only concerned with one thing.

    She walks over and now officially meets Faye Worley.  Taking the student’s hands in her own, Josey warmly says, “I thought I was getting to know you for a second, but I guess it was only a fraud.  Could we try again?  I promise not to be so mean this time.”  This last part is said with a wink.

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