“I only wore this robe to scare the life out of you when you arrived.  I usually just wear whatever to work, whether it be jeans and a t-shirt or a checkered shirt with overalls, or a funny costume.  I’ve dressed like Judy Joker and even had her fill in for me a time or two, just to jump out and surprise everybody.”  Giggling, J3 says to Faye, “We look-a-likes have to stick together, don’t we?”

    Flattered, Faye admits, “Sure, I learned how to make copies of myself recently, but you and Joker take it to a whole new level, your honor.  You’re so my heroes, as usual, he he he!”

    Kammy Crystal comments to the judge, “I don’t know why she doesn’t include herself in that list of heroes.  I know she’s mine after today.”  As Kam continues this exciting compliment, Elfie notices Faye is visibly upset by this.  “Today, we faced a giant mechanical monster that not even the teachers knew about.  Who had the answer?  Faye, our Little Miss Nightmare, had the answers!  And because of her telling me about that creeper, I was able to repay the favor and help her green guy out.  Yeah, that’s right, Elf, muh man, it’s was Faye that saved you.  I just ‘delivered the message.’”

    At these words, Miss Worley looks to the ground, embarrassed with all the praise.  “Kam, it was nothing.  I’m just glad you’re safe.”

    Since the topic has been brought up, much to Faye’s horror, Jo questions where the girl learned about the machine they faced.  “With all my centuries as a veteran System Guard, and having studied every recorded form of monster we currently have still alive in our modern universe, I have to say I’m impressed how you knew what a Viewfinder even is, hon.  Where did you learn about that thing?”

    “Just some article I came across,” Faye says, trying to forget the thing.  “Please don’t let us take away from your lesson, your honor.  What were you saying?”

    Being the detective he is, Edge knew to watch J3’s reaction during Faye’s interrogation and brief explanation.  Double-Edge does not like the impression he got from the wise judge.

    “You’ll have to read that article to me sometime, Faye.”  Ent watches his friend as she politely agrees to read it later.

    “No need,” J3 cheerfully says to the young man.  “I happen to know that article she’s talking about.  It’s some random conspiracy blog that would never make its way into mainstream materials.”  Looking at Faye, J kindly admonishes her, “These are your friends.  You don’t have to be afraid of what they think.  You like conspiracy theories, don’t you?”

    Nodding slowly, Faye giggles, “It is kind of silly.  Here I am, trying to be more logical and responsible while I’ve picked up such a ridiculous habit.  You still love me, right, guys?”

    J3 tries to remember the name of the author.  “What was that girl’s name?  Judy?  Nah!  July!  No, it was Yuli.  Ah!  Yuri, Yuri something!”  J3 unintentionally makes a few funny faces as she desperately tries to remember the last name of the author.  “Help me out, hon.  Was it Yuri something or July?”

    “That was so long ago, years,” Faye insists.  “There’s no way I could remember her name.”

    J3 laughs.  “Let’s put it this way; I’m not from the Dogwood Galaxy, and it was around when I was a kid.  That blog is old, child.”

    Having figured out the judge’s scheme, Faye tries to change the subject, but even as most of the group awkwardly gives in to her, the judge keeps making comments that let’s Little Miss Nightmare know her story is under serious investigation.  While Worley tries to hold her typical bubbly nature, she takes the first opportunity she can to let others take control of the conversation, allowing her a moment to just stand there in the small crowd.  As Faye sneaks a glance at her Elfie, she’s too caught in her sorrow to notice J3 watching this little captive.  However, the woman can see the girl has had enough, thus causing Josey to whisper softly, “Don’t do it to him, hon.”

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