“Nah, it’s Just a System,” repeats Doug.  “Now, looking over my notes, I have a big, obvious clue from your mother, Elf and Gi.  It reads, ‘Are you a moron?  Stay away from Jugular.’  As I recall the people there all being so wackily disproportionate in their features that you wouldn’t be able to learn anything while talking to them from how much laughing you’d do, I can see why she would want to stay focused and not have you offending…weird looking people.  Solar 2 is Just a System, full of random comedy.  That leaves us with Planet World of the Judicial System.  Let’s boogie!”

    And that’s how we meet J3, with Doug parking the bus right in her courtroom.  As the kids get out, they hear a small woman scream, “Arrest them!  They shall serve life in prison for breaking and entering!!”  This all but traumatizes every student present, while the teachers simply look on in disturbing amusement.

    As no one is attacking them, Gigi looks around until she recognizes the woman threatening them.  “Judy Josey!  You’re in this galaxy?!”

    “Apparently, I am, or else we have some very good holographics going on,” the short yet highly attractive judge says to her friend from her tall bench.  “Although, I gotta’ say that I’m sure you’ll find me much more entertaining than my Joker counterpart in the Milky Way.”

    “OOoooh,” the class says as they recognize this is officially a different Judy.

    “And before you start getting us all in trouble,” says the wise woman, “let me shoot straight with you.  My name is Judy Josey.  I have a counterpart named Judy ‘Joker’ Josey, and I love to use the same jovial atmosphere in my line of stressful work as a judge.  I’m sure you can see why, for legal purposes, I demand everyone call me J3, as I’m trying to spare the System Director several headaches here.  I hope you’re smart enough to put the pieces together.  And just in case YOU read this out there in real-world land, wonderfully famous woman that you are, I’m not supposed to be you, ma’am.  I’m completely my own person who just happens to have the same name.  We think you’re a brilliant woman and hope you don’t think we’re taking shots at you.  Okay, back to the fictional world.”

    “I have no idea what she’s talking about,” Paul says.

    “She’s keeping us out of slander and copyright infringement, I hope,” says Doug.

    “So,” J3 starts her lesson, as she’s a very busy woman, “What do you need to know, hon?”

    “We already had a brief summary of the other places in the galaxy,” Doug answers, “So, if I quickly say the nations of World consist of the various human societies, some superheroes and the Nation of Light, I supposed that frees you up to go wherever you want with this, your honor.”

    “Fair enough,” says Josey.  “The superheroes are a self-explanatory group, but the Nation of Light is worth talking about.  Also, if you get to meet Elena Red and Little May from the Jugular System, you should do that.  I imagine you know Elena Beluu, heh heh, so you’ll recognize her Red counterpart.  As far as Little May goes, she is the sweetest girl in that entire society.  Both of them are a bit less comical in their appearance, so keep them in mind.  Also, Carol and Vet Man were going to be here, but you know how animal care can be.  AND *sigh* Ashlin and her friends were going to be here but got lost again.  That leaves me to host the show all by myself, unless you saw Cass and her gang traveling around the outskirts of the galaxy.”


    “Okay then, that’s good.  I love ‘em, but that one duplicating girl has some real attention and discipline issues.”  Elfie looks at Faye and chuckles as J continues.  “The Nation of Light is all about knights and swords, and using elemental attacks, like fire and lightning.  They typically keep good relations with us, but our ways of doing things are very different.  In addition to being a judge, I also try to do my part as a diplomat, working with my friends in that territory to keep the peace between our two societies.  That’s why I appreciate a kindred spirit in Milky Way Judy Josey as I like to keep things lighthearted in my court.  I’ll even let you in on a little secret.

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