“Cool!”  Rocket shows her blaster to the teens so they can all read Missy’s well-written signature on the grip of the gun.  After a few seconds of admiration, Rocket twirls it a bit before putting it back with style.  “Alright, we have to get to our next big meeting.  It’s been fun getting to know you guys.”

    Red sinks at this reminder, “I wish you hadn’t said that.  You know Admiral Shina gives the most passionate, yet boring speeches I have ever heard.”

    “Totally not disagreeing with you,” Angel says, “but we can’t be lazy in front of our future comrades, now can we?”

    Following this logic, Red Fire decides to leave the kids with a friendly service announcement.  So, quickly pointing her right blaster in their faces, she kindly but sternly says, “Don’t smoke.  Don’t chew.  Don’t go with girls that do.”  And thus, she walks away, waving to everyone and saying several choruses of goodbyes.

    With a confused face palm and shake of the head, Rocket says, “I’m sorry you had to witness the fact such creatures as that really do exist in this universe.  Oh well, I love her.  She’s like a sister to me, even if I plan on shipping her to a moon somewhere someday, ha ha.  Okay, not really.”  And with that, Angel Rocket heads away, waving to the kids, but in a more logical manner.

    “Wow!” Doug exclaims.  “One more galaxy, and we’re already halfway done with this trip.  That’s crazy.”

    “No,” says Mercy, pointing in the direction that Red Fire went, “that was crazy.”

    “Uh, guys,” Jo joins in, “think of where we’re going next.  We’ve only begun to see crazy.”

    While on the bus to the next galaxy, Doug, while driving, no less, explains to the kids where they are going next as he reads his notes.  He’s a good multitasker.  “Galaxy No. 6, the Sombrero Galaxy.  Don’t believe me real-worlders?  Look it up.  Anyway, in our rendition, we have three solar systems to choose from.  There’s the Judicial System, the Jugular System and Just a System.”

    Paul, for clarifications, asks, “Did you say Justice System?”

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