“Is that woman trying to kill me?!” Doug practically yells as the team is now riding a bus they made to protect them from any further attacks.  “First, she warns us to stay away from danger and then writes a taunt almost taunting us to go get ourselves hurt.  What’s wrong with her brain today?”

    Mercy looks at Doug for a moment.  “Well, considering she knew you’d ignore the first note, she couldn’t help responding sarcastically with the second note, just like she would if she were here in person.”

    Doug is silenced.  The light bulb comes on.  “That girl…is a genius.”  Guess who’s avoiding everything that even smells like danger from this point on.  It might be Doug.  I don’t know; I haven’t written that far yet.  At any rate, the detour quickly takes the class to Planet Williams of the Shiloh System where they are going to experience a world of all Ancyro, protected by the greatest police force in their history.

    Arriving on the planet, and specifically heading toward the HQ of the society’s heroes, our class passes several amazing cyber warriors, with way too many to name here.  We’ll at least give a quick shoutout to the lovely ladies Pinclash, Yoyo, Treasure and Charity.  Yes, this last Ancyro mentioned is the Lyger Galaxy counterpart to the human Charity from Lightspeed Lab.  Also, Treasure moved to Juniper long ago and is just visiting.  Okay, shoutouts aside, the two leaders of the bunch are Angel Rocket and Red Fire, showing off the new armor they got during their last visit to the Milky Way.

    “Hey there!  Wassup?!”  Red cheerfully shouts, all her energy clearly communicated despite the helmet covering her face.

    The teens all respond with equally active greetings, Owan especially ready to say hi, though also more vigilant of threatening hands from Gigi.

    Inspecting the new looks, Jo can’t help but wonder, “You know, I understand the whole thing about not influencing the past with future designs and blah blah, but we literally share a universe with our ancestors in a setup that does no harm to the flow of time, thanks to us starting out in separate storyboards.  I don’t see any excuse for why the Milky Way bunch don’t get with the program and update their styles and such.”

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