I’ll remind you that being Infinites lets Doug and the other teachers choose how they want to travel through space, whether it be via walking, teleportation or jumping through the back of a fly on the wall and popping out on the other side of the universe out of a cup of tea.  It all depends on how bored they are at any given time.  Well, so far, they’ve been walking most everywhere, obviously not mile for mile, but I guarantee they will be less into hiking after this encounter.  On the way to G7 Solar 1, the crew encounters a mechanical monstrosity that quickly gets the idea to have teens and adults alike for its lunch today.

    “What is that thing?” Ent turns to the teachers for answers, but this is a new device, even to them.  It’s not too much bigger than the size of a human, but the eight massive arms appear to have no end to their length.  As the limbs violently chase the targets around, one of the massive bowls at the end turns to Entoni and begins to flash.  However, before this can happen, a strong laser beams knocks the aim away from our green friend.

    His protector, K.C. Cannon, rushes to his aid.  “That thing is a Viewfinder, and its function is to capture images that will transmit to the horrible nightmares that created it.”

    “This can’t be happening,” Elfie says through gritted teeth as the creators are painfully obvious.

    “Stinks a million, hon,” Kammy C. admits, trying to console her comrade, “but I’m afraid we’re not quite through with the Mirrors yet.”

    While the other students swat away the giant bowl-shaped stalkers, the parents manage to lop off the limbs of this machine that were troubling them.  Faye sees this and realizes her chance to make up for last time might slip away, so she rushes toward the main part of the machine, careful not to be spotted by any cameras.  As she extends her hand toward it, she musters a bit of courage by saying, “I did it to your bosses, so taking control of you shouldn’t be that difficult.”  However, before she can follow through with this intent, Doug spoils her plans by dealing with things on his own, swiftly disintegrating the monster before Faye’s jealous eyes.  “Showoff.”

    “Sorry, Faye,” Doug apologizes, “but this wasn’t a test.  I know you could’ve beaten it, but there was no reason to risk things getting out of hand.”

    With a dissatisfied smirk as she nods her head with a slight tilt to the side, Worley easily understands and replies to his apology, “I’m glad everyone is okay.  I was just letting out a little aggression and trying to help.  Good job, Mr. Rug.”

    As he voices his appreciation for Faye’s good attitude about the situation, Doug looks around to see that everyone is okay.  After all heads and limbs are accounted for, referring to only the good guys here, the trip is directed away from the Cyber System.

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