Walking out into the midst of outer space, Doug looks at his notes regarding the eighth galaxy, Katalina.  While his original notes include its main system, saying “The REAL G8S1,” his new instructions say otherwise, warning, “Visit Lexy’s Lexi.  Avoid Mirror System.”  While Doug is aware that G8S2, the Zenith System, is home to a descendant of the Lexy we met last year, despite that particular character moving to SBXXII, he’s not sure what to make of the cryptic warning regarding the Mirror System.  “That’s where MKEB and her girls are.  Surely, having been there several times, Cat didn’t let her paranoia get to her by being afraid of something she used to scare the kids with.”

    As Mercy and Jo overhear this discussion, they agree.  “Since Lexi isn’t quite as, well, considerate as her ancestor,” deduces Mercy, “I’d definitely vouch for you going with Cat’s original choice.  She probably just spooked herself.”

    “Yup, yup,” Jocelyn approves as she bobs her head up and down.  So, the choice is made, and the group goes to the Mirror System of the Katalina Galaxy.

    “Oh, I know you!  You’re Tonya Sutle,” Owan says excitedly.  “We met you in Storyboard MV last year, except it wasn’t you.  It was a double of you, an evil double of you, and not as pretty, so don’t worry about that.”  This gets Owan hit again.  “I didn’t mean it like that!   I just meant I didn’t want her feeling bad because of some phony.  That’s all I was saying!”

    Feeling sorry for the boy, Tonya accepts his attempted compliment.  “I have no idea what you’re talking about, but thanks.”

    The green one, MKEB, looks at her, “Duplica told us.  You were standing right there.”

    Going into a cute mini-rage, Tonya rants, “Well, if you would give me as much attention when I speak as you apparently expected of me in that moment someone wasn’t even addressing me, we’d probably not get lost so much when we go on missions!”

    Tonya’s daughter Tammy speaks up.  “Can’t blame Miss MK for that, Mom.  You typically take charge of the map.”

    Looking over to her accuser, Tonya warns, “I birthed you….”

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