Taking the queen’s hands, Faye lovingly insists, “And you are a smaller Keb with blue hair, but you want to know a secret?  From the precious few minutes we have spent together thus far, I’d easily say you’re as tall, if not a little taller, than Nom Noms the Giant, my dear little queen.”  The other girls agree, as well as the guys, which causes Katie to hug as many of them as she can at once to keep herself from shedding any tears.

    As she sits up straight again, the queen covers her mouth and informs the group, “As Queen of France, I order you to get out of my sight before you see me weep immensely over your kindness.”  Now, a statement like this might have been believable when the group first arrived, but it’s obvious to little Katie that no one is buying it now, so she simply gives up and starts giggling, with the other girls joining in at her silly nature starting to expose itself to friends she’s highly comfortable with.  “Oh my, that was enjoyable.  Now, I do believe we should play a game of some sort before you go.  I doubt there’s time for golf, but I can call Elisha and the others in here so we don’t leave them out.”  And so, once the queen’s other friends arrive, the game is chosen.  Due to the number of those present, a delightful, familiar children’s card game is chosen, and so the next hour yields one of the most enjoyable card games our friends have ever played, not because of the game or because of who’s winning, but because of the kind, gracious blue sweetheart who’s hosting this event.  Incidentally, Faye won the card game.  Kate got her motivated.

    “Elfer,” Gigi whispers to her brother in a disappointed voice, “I don’t want to leave.”

    “Then don’t,” is his predictable response.

    “Your majesty,” Gigi says, taking the joking advice, “after I’ve graduated and become an SG, do you think maybe I could serve here?  I’m not sure I’d want to work for anyone else.”

    “Well, thanks!” Jo growls.

    The amused queen shamelessly points and laughs at Jo for three and a half minutes before finally answering the questions.  “Lady Jo, I love you.  You know this.  Grace, I have a feeling one of us will be an Infinite before then, so you don’t have to coop yourself up here just to see me.  In fact, if the country can endure without me for an unexpected week, surely, an hour’s visit here or there shouldn’t be a problem.  Actually, the way your galaxy’s time speeds up, I could stay quite a while and no one would even realize I’m gone here, so you may have just doomed yourself with a short, blue queen coming to coop herself up in your dwelling place instead, he he!”

    The two girls continue hopeful plans of this idea, with the others joining in.  Katie says, “Surely Phillip won’t mind if I make up for a lost childhood by being one of you girls every now and then, not overdoing it, however.  I don’t want to expend his patience or shirk my responsibilities.  As your slight elder, it’s still my duty to set a good example for you.  Oh, but still, the thought energizes my heart and mind to think of me getting to dress like you soldier girls and flying around, saving the day.  He he!  I do have my own royal armor that you must see sometime.”  And with this, Katie catches herself and turns to her husband, checking his expression to see if her excitement is getting the best of her.  The look on his face says the exact opposite as he is very much thrilled to see her so happy.  Her usual friends here are precious, obviously, but the adventure and thought of having even more friends, in addition to the numerous SGs she’s already met is a joy that both the Dunns wish to experience.

    Well, after more of such discussions, Katie can take no more and starts making plans with the girls, being very careful not to repeat today’s mishap, and understanding that either party may have something come up before then.  Even so, the little queen is not going to let this new friendship fall into the realm of all dreams and no reality.  What’s more, this gets her a spot right next to, if not slightly above, the adored Queen Vahnna in the girls’ list of favorite travel guests.  But still, this means we have to pull away from this safe haven, this wonderful soul that could quite possibly take up several more chapters of our trip from her captivatingly kind nature.  Come on, class, there are other friends also eagerly awaiting your arrival.

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