“Are you comfortable dear?”  The first thing Katie wants to make sure of before proceeding is that everyone feels taken care of.  She may be a queen, but her priority is to ensure her guests are treated properly.  With everyone happily confirming their comfort on their little cushion benches like you see in modern palaces, Katie eagerly puts a tablet in Faye’s hand and says, “You can pass this around.  That’s what I look like when I have to wear that clunky crown and cape.  Fortunately, my secondary crown suffices for most occasions.”  As the tablet goes around, the monarch can’t help but say, at least once, “Please be careful not to drop it.”  As this continues to make its circuit, the little queen goes into her story.  “I’m not concerned with Storyboard this or Universe XJQ7900 that, whatever that may be.  We are here now, and that’s what counts.  This is the Aria Galaxy, and I am Queen Katie Elizabeth Broadmire Dunn of France, renamed the country of Elpis.  We only continue to use the name France for sake of other galaxies until everyone is aware of the change.  Now, you are in my capital city, Chesed, and our country is the main country on the planet Eleos.  And while we only have one solar system here, we have named it the Charis Joy System.”

    The girls all agree that this is a lovely name, all mentioning time-traveling pal Charis Scott.  “Ah, yes, those two,” Katie smiles while trying to feign anger at them.  “They are quite the troublemakers.  I went missing for a week because of her and Elena.  I accompanied them to visit an ancestor of mine in the past, only to discover they had set the return date wrong.  Oh!  I was so furious with them, but I couldn’t bring myself to express that anger because I was laughing too hard.  Also, Phillip and Elisha knew where I was, so they were able to contact the System Guards and make sure I was alright, even if it did take me longer to return than I had told my kind, patient husband.  I just hope we’re not gone for as long next time, or else I shall have to visit the Milky Way and kindly demand for AB or Missy to swiftly complete my iu-training so I can become an Infinite, or at least acquire my own time-traveling technology.”

    To learn that this mighty dignitary, along with her husband as she points out, is still training, just like the cadets, is a refreshing thing.  What Doug makes sure the queen doesn’t tell his students is the disturbing fact that, because Dogwood’s time moves more quickly than most other galaxies, the six teenagers sitting together are twice as powerful as anyone else they’re going to encounter in all the ten galaxies, except for the vast sea of Infinites Warriors, of course.

    The queen is ready to continue her lesson.  “When the System Guards met me, I was a pitiful little monarch.  I hadn’t met Phillip yet, and I was always sitting in my room, weeping.  I was the ruler, but a couple of friends of mine, bullies what they were, would always boss me around and tell me I wasn’t their friend if I didn’t do this and didn’t do that.  I was so alone.  But then I met the System Guards.  They got rid of those bullies for me, shared with me the love and friendship of Christ, yes even for PACs in our own precious way, and as my new friends helped me grow and taught me how to depend upon the only true source of confidence, I became a queen that no longer wept all day, but could look in the mirror and smile.  It’s why I determined to always show people the kindness that Christ showed me by letting me meet the other PACs.”  If you missed the discussion on how the PACs can benefit from God’s love, the short answer is it’s second-party.  They pray, then I pray on my own in real life for God’s wisdom in what to do, then I do it.  They’re not praying to me, but Him.  I’m just expressing their desire in the real world.  There’s more to it, but you can read the earlier books for a longer explanation.

    “So, can we talk about how you’re obviously an alternate Keb?” Kammy wants to know what’s up.

    “Hehehehe!  Yes!  We all know I’m nothing like her, but I guess you could say I’m her long-distance little sister, or cousin.”

    “Hey,” Faye says, “Do you know who Nom Noms the Giant is?”

    Laughing immensely, Kate recalls, “That’s my REALLY big Keb sister.  She’s a giant Keb with light brown hair.”

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