The Queen’s actions and giddiness at seeing comrades her age is a testament to the fact that this young ruler of France is still only nineteen, having been married for about a year, so to her, a bunch of seventeen-year-olds is like feeling at home.  Sure, Elisha and the other girls are her age, and Phillip’s not that much older, but as being the queen of a nation can have you stuffed into the life of the older folk before you’re ready, any chance to be reminded of the more jovial side of life shall be taken.

    “Excuse me, your highness,” Kammy says with a raised hand.  Acknowledged, she asks, “I’m wondering, are you familiar with the France of Dogwood or Milky Way?  I have to say your culture and language are not what I’ve read about in my Intergalactic Social Studies books.”

    “Oh,” Katie says teasingly, though in a sweet tone, “forgive me for not meeting the mold of other galaxies.  He he, the reason we’re different is, as you guessed, because we’re from a different galaxy, and for that matter, from a different storyboard.  You’ll find that all the galaxies we currently have were moved to this storyboard from various other universes with each galaxy fitted for what we were used to before the unification.  The base universe is Storyboard XI, even if the System Guards have their base in a section that used to belong to XCIX, making it a rare exception of multiple old storyboards crammed into the same galaxy.  But I bore myself with this, so I imagine you, too, tire of history.”

    As the kids politely disagree, wanting to learn more about Katie, she orders a servant to inform her friends of the schedule change.  Now free of her self-imposed obligation, she can relax with her new friends.  “Before we start, I want you all to know you’re currently my subjects, and you must do what I tell you while you are in my presence.  Are we agreed?”  They politely agree.  “Good, then my command is for you to relax.  I still expect proper manners and etiquette, as well as ‘honor to whom honor is due,’ but you are my friends.  Understood?”  With this kindhearted explanation, you can imagine the tension that has just been lifted from the kids, especially after her teasing condition preceding her permission for them to not be so rigid.  She then escorts them to a decently-sized side room where they can all sit down.

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